Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Open County Council Meeting 2010

On Thursday December 9, 2010, the CC held the last open council meeting of the year. Our spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez spoke briefly...he started out by saying that in addition to COAF, he also represents close to twenty thousand who have signed our petition. He pointed out that just as Mr. James had stated earlier in the meeting, the Coalition does have 10k+ names filed with the voter registration office.

Rev. Martinez continued - "In front of you here today I have another 81, you can do the math. We will complete our goal. We have 40 days left, and we anticipate that out of 500 to 600 petitions that we still have circulating, if we just get 200 of those back, we will complete this mission. I have implored you before, please, reconsider your position. Make this happen in a way that the people will stand behind you also...We're not your enemies, we are The People of Northampton County. The petition represents the desires of the people. I heard Mr. Angle speak last week, and I was again very proud. He spoke of democracy, and he spoke of the will of the people. I was very impress by him. But, that was dealing with farmland preservation, and that was dealing before that, with 400 members of Mt Bethel. You heard them too. It seems that when it comes to the Gracedale matter, the people don't matter. Sad. Farmland preservation, while it is important, is it more important than life preservation? Which is what we're talking about with Gracedale. I am not here, as I stated before, as an enemy of this chambers, I am here as a proud American, asking you to do simply what The People are asking you to do...before The People have to do it."

The Coalition can only hope that this County Council can fully understand that this is not a Republican or Democrat is a moral question. This is an issue that makes true Americans true, especially when they stand for what they beleive in, even if alone. The real leaders of our great country have often had to stand alone, but in the end, they have prevailed. No. this is not about aligning yourself with a party, but with your heart.


  1. Doesn't matter, the courts are scared of RA. Don't you remember he controls their budgets? Petitions can be tossed for technicalities.

  2. Wow Bernie, we thought you were smarter than that. Do you realize what you have just said, that Mr. Angle has the judges of our great county in his pocket. Can you understand what that sounds like...the Mafia? No Bernie, we believe in our justice system, and we believe that they are just as tired of Mr. Angle as the people are. What are you going to do when he is gone, especially since you are digging his hole? This is the type of arrogance that cost attorney's thier lics, as you well know, and puts crooked politicians in jail, talk soon buddy ;-)SPGD

  3. man im just a hick but it looks like the cat has this bernie guys tong - im having so much fun on this blog not sure what its all about but its fun ha ha ha

  4. Why would a bright man like Bernie even suggest that the judges of NORCO are in Ron's hip pocket?
    It would be just a plain stupid and untruthful thing to say about our judges who are trying their best to serve the people fairly under the LAW.I do not believe that our judges would even consider such a thing. They certainly cannot be bullied by this undisciplined person.
    If what I have just read on the blog is true,Mr. Angle and Mr. O'Hare should be more concerned about what they have under their sleeves and forget about our fine judges.
    So, I hope that what I read is not true.