Friday, December 17, 2010

Stop Being Afraid - Stand Up To Him

We The People want to believe that most of CC is trying, if nothing else, to do the right thing. The problem is, that they have Mr. Angle to contend with, and we understand that. 

But what exactly does that mean? It means that Angle has such an extreme personalty, CC just not to deal with it, cave in, and so does the county executive, and his team. That in itself is wrong, however, in the case of dealing with Angle, it is understandable.

What we will suggest to all members of CC, is that the only way to deal with this mean-spirited little person, is to stand up to him. He gets away with all the things he has, because you have not stood up to him, appearing week and afraid of him. STOP being afraid.

Angle is nothing more than a disturbed little man with some serious mental issues, who believes that one must use muscle to resolve all problems. Consider that he believes he has complete autocratic control, with absolute emergency power. Who exactly would ever have that type of control you ask...only a dictator. Look up the definition, you will see for yourself.

In our opinion, he really should be under the care of a psychiatrist, and possibly medicated. We're not trying to be funny here, or mean, or hateful...we are merely expressing our observation of the situation, as well as articulating what most people who know him beleive, but are fearful to say. Yes, Mr. Angle is a mental case.

Why do we believe this? Because only a disturbed person takes pride in putting fear in the hearts of anyone who disagrees with him, and hurting others by using his influence to distroy thier lives. But have you taken notice of this small group of nobodies, as Angle would say, who have stood up to Angle fearlessly. And what has Mr. Angle been able to do about it?...absolutely nothing. Why? because while only a small group of nobodies, we are The People. And when awaken, The People are giant killers, and this little giant is going down.

As we understand it, many on CC secretly admire us for our courage, and while we may appreciate you admiration, we prefer that you follow our example. We ask simply that you conduct yourselves in way that is responsible, a way that truly serves The People, and that we The People can also admire.

CC, it's time to face your fear, then put your fear behind you, and stand up to be counted. Remember that what you run away from today, you will only run into tomorrow. Stand up fearlessly, and help us put an end to this little maniac.

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  1. CC unite, there is strength in number.