Friday, December 17, 2010

New Year Meeting - Angle At It Again

We have been informed that the regularly scheduled Council Meeting in January has been changed from Thursday January 6, 2011 to:

Monday January 3, 2011.

We have looked online and find any mention of this change, only to discover none. Do we have to wonder why? We guess we know why...Angle wants to keep The People away. Not happening. ;-)


  1. The meeting date has NOTHING to do with any attempt to exclude the public. The Home Rule Charter, which was adopted in 1978, specifically provided that the County Council MUST meet on the first Monday in January to reorganize. This has nothing to do with you or Angle, and your attempts to lay everything at his lap are getting old.

  2. The only thing getting old is you and your schtick Yogi Obear.

    Don't you and Boo Boo have some pic-a-nic baskets to steal

    Or some censoring to do on your dog and pony show site

  3. You are not addressing my point. The meeting is taking place on that date because that is what is required by the HRC. This has nothing to do with Angle or Gracedale. The accusation that this is some effort by Angle to keep people away is simply wrong.

  4. Then WHY doesn't someone announce it because I do not believe that all of our citizens have read the Charter. A simple point, let the public know.
    Nowadays, Council, under this leadership, must
    be monitored.
    You ought to be proud that people our taking interest in local government,our eyes to the higher levels of government.

  5. Mr. O'hare, if what you say is true, why did you not provide the page, and section of the HRC, so that we can research your claim. We’re sure you’ll concur, we cannot just take your word for it, because in the past your word has been deceitful.

    Both, you and Mr. Angle are not trusted by The People because you are both known to pervert the truth. Please understand that in order to correct this perception, you must commence to share the truth without discoloration.

  6. I just read the Express Times's article on our Council President,now I understand why people want to know the truth.
    One Council President and one blogger must now be monitored all the time.If one's father's last will and testament was in question,and the supposed results are what I just read, honest council
    members better read their charter and announce dates in order to protect all of us in NORCO.

  7. Mr. Ohare just seems to feel compelled to protect Ron Angle for some reason. If Home Charter calls for a meeting on the first Monday, then Council should have had a meeting on the first Monday to reorganize and then hold the regularly scheduled Council meeting on Thursday to conduct normal county business! Just wish Mr. Ohare would stop coming to Mr. Angle's rescue all the time, he is acting like an over protective mother!