Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Angle Has Another Angle

Hey "We The People" out their...not so fast. It appears now that we were duped by Mr. Angle again. We deduce that he does not want the people to know what is going on with the bids, so as president of CC, he asked the law firm to open the bids in Harrisburg where they are based.

We came to that conclusion because we know that Mr. Angle had them come down for his so called town meetings, on our tax dollars. So there is absolutely no reason that he couldn't have them open the bids in Northampton County, where the people could have been represented.

Not only did Mr. Angle have it moved to Harrisburg, but he also made sure that it was a last minute move, so that the Coalition, or any other member of the community, would not have enough time to make arrangements to be present.

Interestingly enough, the Express Times reporter Sara Cassi, told a member of the Coalition, Jack Dalessandro, that she new about the move as early as the beginning of this week, so why wasn't anyone else aware, including other members of council. If it smells like fish, it must be fishy.

Angle is so shrewed that he used Mr. Dietrich as an inexperience, and expendable point-man, leaving him out in the open to be consumed by the wrath of the people, while he (Angle) sits back and smokes his cigar laughing at Mr. Dietrich, and the people too. It is said Mr. Angle, that he who laughs last, laughs best. No we're not laughing now...but we're smiling, and as long as we smile, you have to wonder what we're up to. Do you really want to know what we're up to? We'll tell you, no problem...we're up to firing you - in May, or in November, or by recall, but you will be fired for doing the undermining things you do to the people who pay the bills...the taxpayers of Norco.

Mr. Angle, your not kidding anyone but yourself, you represent no one in the county but yourself, and that sir is quite clear. The People however, know who the crooked politician leading the young inexperience flock astray is, rest assured that your days are numbered, and you will pay, it's just a matter of when. Hopefully for The People's sake, it will be sooner than later.

Mr. Dietrich, we apologize if there were any postings on our blog that were not deserved. We ask that you understand that the people of the county are quite frankly, sick and tired of the misrepresentation they are receiving. We are certainly lacking in trust. Know also that Mr. Angle is using you to get what he wants, as he is also using others on CC. Open your eyes and you too will see what we see.

Stay tuned...more developing information tomorrow.

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