Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RFP'S - Not Sure What Happened.

Our spokes person was supposed to receive a call from Mr. Dietrich, informing him of the time and place so that we could have someone present during the opening of any bids that may have come in.

We're not sure what happened, but the call was not received.

Stay Tuned...


  1. Norhampton County Residents BEWARE!If Tom Deitrich says "I promise to let you know" don't count on it. Tom promised to let two of COAF'S
    members know the time,date and place of the opening of the RFP's for Gracedale.Hmmmmmmm. Guess what? No notification. Wonder why? Thought this council bragged about being transparent---Yeah, about as transparent as lead. Why did Council break the normal procedure of opening the bids in the court house????Was it to prevent the residents from being present since it would be hard for most to travel to Harrisburg. Can't wait til the next election!

  2. Right on, I suspected he was lying about sending an email to above address yesterday and talking to the Reverend today. Politicians suck!!!

  3. I think I missed something in civics class. I thought elected officials were to serve the people who elected them. The way this coucil and administration runs they serve no one but themselves. Have they forgotten the purpose for which they go to work everyday? IT'S TO SERVE THE PEOPLE. Everyone knows that Gracedale is a hot topic. Is that why they ran to Harrisburg so average Joe wouldn't be privy to their deals???? This moving the opening of the RFPs to Harrisburg was WRONG! No other way to describe it. Something about it STINKS!

  4. Mr. Stoffa,
    A majority of the citizens of Northampton County elected YOU to be our Executive.
    Stand up for what is right and just.You are beginning to look like Mr. Angle's errand boy. It's time to live out your proper role as our leader.
    Don't you see what many of the citizens of our county are now perceiving in terms of your words and actions over Gracedale?
    Ron Angle has something to worry about, you do not,if you listen to your conscience and YOUR people.
    I still have my money on you. Get to work!