Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Legitimate Questions

The Coalition began it's involvement in the county addressing some of their own concerns, and in the process discovered the needs of others. Believing greatly in the established laws of our great country, we began to use the proper channels to deal with existing issues. Never did we dream that we would today be involved in such an honorable cause.

Gracedale has been in the caring hands of the county since 1873. While it came into some financial troubles in recent times, we have to wonder how that happened.

It is an established fact that Gracedale has bailed out other departments of the county, on many more than one occasion. We agree that there has been some mismanagement of Gracedale, but that mismanagement has occurred, first and foremost on the part of CC. Let us consider that the CC chair has stated on numerous occasions (too many to count) that government cannot manage Gracedale as good as the private sector could. Well, lets explore that thought:
  • First, does that mean that CC is not capable of understanding how the private sector does things, and then implement identicle processes?
  • When the chair says that government can't manage Gracedale, is he in essence saying that he, and the rest of council are not intelligently capable of managing Gracedale like anyother project?
  • And, isn't it true that the role of CC is to legislate, not administrate?
  • So then let the county executive, (who on the surface appears much more capable of leading a good management team than the chair) find and lead a good management team without interference from CC.
  • If the CE can't lead, and manage a good management team, then CC should shed light on that fact without predjuduce, and the people by way of the vote will replace the CE with one who can facilitate our needs.
What about the sixty million taxpayer dollars in the slush fund, isn't it in place for situations such as this. And why is it that this slush fund is growing year after year? Is it that you are not spending it wisely on the needs of the county (which is mismanagement)? Or, is it that you continue to tax the people at a rate that is "overtaxation"?

Just some legitammate questions - food for thought ;-)

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