Saturday, December 18, 2010

Harrisburg? - What Has Transpired - Part 1

Mr. Stoffa was quoted in the ET saying "I guess if I had to do over again I would have insisted they be opened here". He was referring to the bids for Gracedale, which as many of you know by now, Mr. Angle had them moved to Harrisburg as a scheme to serve himself.

Don't be fooled, Mr. Stoffa is also afraid of Mr. Angle, so he will go along, but the captain at the helm is Angle. He is truly the one responsible. We will point out that it does not matter where the law firm is based, they could have been based on the other side of the globe, they work for CC, and if CC said we want the bids opened in NorCo, the law firm as long as they are paid, would have complied. No fooling The People here.

Taxpayers of NorCo, be informed: the reason that RFP's (request for proposals), or RFQ's (qualifications) are as a general rule opened publicly, is so that there is no perception of improprieties. This in simple terms means that something crooked is not done because observers are present. Now, how do we that something crooked was not done, if we were not allowed to be part of the process?

The report goes on to say that “County officials and an attorney with Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott LLC, the law firm commissioned to handle a possible sale, opened the requests for qualification Thursday in Harrisburg.”

Well, we would like to know who were the County Officials, and who was the attorney – This is public information that the CC as the responsible party here, should make available to the public.

Stay Tuned – To Be Continued…

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