Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Meeting

GAB (Gracedale Advisory Board) met yesterday for the second time in it's short existence. On it's agenda, two items:
  1. Bi-Laws
  2. Wound Care Team.
The Bi-Laws was addressed rather quickly, being tabled until next meeting, at which point a vote will be taken to accept the BL's as presented.

The Wound Care Team discussion absorbed better that an hour. Millard D. Freeman "D" (as he likes to be called) the new administrator at Gracedale began by explaining in detail Premiers thought process regarding the WCT, and that there is no immediate intention to move forward until plans have been finalized and reported.

He also identified that there is a difference between the wound care team and the wound treatment team. He went on to explained that the wound care team is a much broader team which encompasses many medical professionals from all medical areas, including doctors. He expressed that the correct term for the team in question is "Wound Care Treatment Team" - this is the specialized team that actually treats the wounds of Gracedale residents (4 FT 2 PT employees).

The conversation appeared to go in the direction that County Council was micro-managing premier by passing a resolution preventing Premier from disbanding the WCTT, on this point, and in fairness to County Council, we would like to publicly applaud their action.

In our opinion, it is not micro-managing when proper steps are taken by any governing body to prevent something from happening that may not be in the best interest of the parties it is serving. 

It was pointed out during the discussion that a break down of communications always presents opportunities to those who thrive on pushing mis-information, thereby creating crisis which usually lead to hostile environments.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families made it clear that they do stand behind Premier, as well as our new County Council, with a desire for their success, which in turn means the success of Gracedale.

They were also clear on the fact that there are still evil forces within our local government like County Executive John Stoffa who want to see Premier and County Council fail for various reasons, most importantly to prepare the way for a future sale of our beloved Gracedale - We The People will not allow the sale without proper justification. Note that proper justification does not mean making the facility fail for the purpose of selling it.

It was agreed that we must all work together with the primary goal of success for Gracedale, and that can only occur through unity in our relationships, with the understanding of course, that if we sincerely do so, the wrong doers will fail ironically has been the case to this point in time.

All points of view were expressed and digested in a civil manner for two reasons 1) all present are sincere in their efforts relating to the success of Gracedale 2) because of the great examples we have leading us today.

Great job GAB, County Council, and Premier.


  1. My concern is how are wounds being treated since there has already been a decrease in the staff of the treatment team. Also, what looks good on paper doesn't always work in reality. Let's hope no harm comes to any resident at Gracedale!!!!

  2. We can't just hope, we also have to act. It would be a good idea for this blog to advertise the GAB meeting dates in advance so that we can attend when possible.

  3. Great job guys. Stay on top of things. You are right in beleiveing that Gracedale is not yet being given a fair chance to succeed. As long as Stoffa and Marcus are around, it just won't happen. Neither has any confidence with the people.

  4. Remember folks, most of the people on the advisory board are handpicked Stoffa people. I remember the county council meeting where Ron Heckman urged the county to advertise to the public for interest in serving on the Board. Stoffa and Marcus would have none of that, and made sure the majority of people were his hand picked buddies.