Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Problem In Nazareth...

...Is Bernard O'Hare III!

The people of Nazareth, a quite and pleasant little town, have one big nasty resident/renter - who in my opinion should be evicted for his distasteful remarks about the elderly of Nazareth.

Bernie, at your age  you don't seem to understand that you are but a step away from a nursing home yourself...or the grave.

10 out or 10 people pass away Bernie - your no why do you mistreat everyone - and especially our elderly. They have not wronged you in any way, so why do you persecute them?

Are you afraid of growing old? Are you afraid of death? As an elderly person yourself, have some dignity, stop hurling insults at the innocent people of Nazareth who have harm you not. And the rest of the world for that matter. 

Know that in your current spiritual state - there is but one place for you - it's called HELL...stop and consider your evil actions and ways before it is too late - and then turn from them.

I know that you believe that I am a fake Reverend Bernie, and I'm okay with that because you're entitled to believe what ever you want to. Understand however, that simply because you believe something to be true doesn't make it so. That's why I'm not bothered by your ignorant remarks...but, as a true servant of God Bernie, who honors Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior - I am very concerned for your soul. Many people like you don't take this serious...and then they die.

To pass-on in your current evil state means eternal damnation Bernie...that's not good in any way. As much as you have persecuted me - I still see you as a brother in Christ...and have no desire to see you end up in the Lake of Fire.

Perhaps you feel like no one cares about you Bernie, and perhaps because of your devious deeds many do not...and even though I have been forced by you to fight you on the Gracedale issue...I DO care about you - so much so that I have forgiven you for all your misdeeds against me - but you MUST turn from your evil ways - repent, so that more importantly - God can forgive you.

Show the world that you too can be a witness and testimony for Jesus. When it is all said and done will be you standing alone before Jesus for Judgment, (no Stoffa and no Angle) just you alone - what will you say when he ask...why didn't you listen to my messenger(s)?

With that said...know that regardless of the names you or anyone else calls me - I will continue to fight in the Glorious Name of Jesus for the welfare of Gracedale...the home of Gods children, the home of the widows and orphans of NorCo.

As you have come to know by now, evil will never triumph over the righteousness of Jesus, so it is fruitless to continue trying.

Stop Persecuting our elderly, or suffer the consequence to come.

Rev. Mario Martinez


  1. I think the reason why O'Hate can never forgive or forget, is because that requires looking outside ones self, and being unselfish.

    He has been hideously selfish his entire life, and that selfishness has led him to personal destruction and eviction from his family and from the legal profession.

    A genuine woman in West Easton had to "evict" the loser out of her house too, because she learned the truth, and has seen the spiteful, endless wrath of hate.

    He is all about hate, all about sin and all about hell. You are a great man Reverend, to wish O'Hate will never see the gates of Hell.....

    however, I am not as great a person you are, and personally wish that, not only will those gates open wide when he croaks, he will be burned, slowly and painfully by the fire that awaits him.

    I have no forgiveness in my heart for this mean spirited , evil and venomous, stinking slob.

    1. I understand that you may have been deeply wounded by O'Hare, as many others have as well. But, without forviness in your heart for anyone, you will never discover true peace.

      Notice what Matthew 6:14-15 says:
      "For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."

      In forgiveness comes peace through Jesus.


  2. does anyone know hold old ohare is?

  3. I agree with you Reverand. You have been meanly attacked by O'Hare and his crew of haters. Even today he has a hateful entry about Gracedale and he only allows ignorant posts that attack Gracedale, empolyees and the elderly that live in Gracedale. He is still deleting any comments that are not attacks.

    You are right to pray for O'Hare but you are also right that one must first recognize their own sisn and illness before there is a cure or forgivenes.

    O'Hare may not drink anymore? but he is still an angry and emotionally unstable indivdual that needs some very intese threapy. The fact that politicans like Charlie
    Dent, John Callahan and Sal Panto kiss up to him and his hate blog is sad. They will feed his sick delusions for votes and personal gain. They don't realize that says a great deal bout them as people who can or caannot be trusted.

    Let us see what we have had so far. John Stoffa and Ron Angle have been O'Hare's closet politcal friends in the county and look what they have done. Look what they almost accomplished. Even in defeat, they contuiune to sow the seeds of hate and mistrust between groups of people. Are we to dutifullly continue to promote the politcal "friends" of Bernie O'Hare, I think not.

    We need to pray for him but also to stay aware and cautious of the damgae he and his politcal friends do and have done.

    COAF, keep up the good work.
    The sun will once again shine on those who tell the truth.

  5. Enough!!! Enough!!!
    Do you know how ridicules this incessant badgering sounds?
    You claim to be a man of God and go on negetively at infinitum.
    You Can't post anything without a codicil pointing out your hatred for that man.
    Would Jesus carry on a campaign like this?
    I realize you feel provoked, but wasn't it in the
    that one is to "turn the other cheek" ?
    I am issuing a challenge to both parties.
    I will donate $100 dollars to your ministry AND to Mr. Ohare another $100 dollars for him to keep or donate to his favorite charity.
    How about it?
    Are all of you ready to stop acting like adolencents?
    Can't we agree to disagree and move on?
    Can this blog get back to the basic premise it was created for?
    I am betting that you will see the light and hoping against hope that Mr. Ohare will recognize his part in this and will be willing to join in detente.
    After all is all about GRACEDALE...ISN'T IT?

    Sue Doahmin

  6. Anon 4:01, stop your nonsense. No one is taking their eye off the ball to talk to O'Hare. Why should they? He is an evil proven liar. The Reverand has turned the other cheek over and over again. Save your dime store Christianity for Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare.

    Chritians won't stop defending themselves and their famliies because of some out of context scripture quoting.

    Take your secret game plan to get our eye off the most importnat issue in next years election, and take it back to O'Hare and Callahan.

    The People are focused like a laser baeam and will not be detered from the goal of saving Gracedale and restoring an honest and competent county government.

    WE agree to disagree with you, and now we are moving on. Send your insults and money to O'Hare.

  7. Sue, in ways I see your point. However, I don't think you are going to see anyone from COAF willing to break bread with Bernbie O'Hare. No one has forgotten what he has and still dores to undermine Gracedale. This was not some battle that was ended but an ongoIng fight to preserve a county asset that some whould destroy tomorrow if they had the chance.


  8. We just removed a post that all indicators are it's Bernie...signed Sue Doahmin.

    If your not Bernie - email us evidence at Other wise stay off our blog Bernie!

  9. Word on the street is, bo on this blog said i cannot wait for Gracedale to be sold.

  10. BO is already cutting deals with the crew of the guy he thinks will be the next county executive. More of the same.

  11. I don't prefer to see gracedale get sold- I rather see the Union get dis-banded and the wages and benefits brought into reality. I have to admit tho there are some that are worth their weight but many rely on the Union to bail them out for not doing their jobs. If the union wasn't there to protect them, perhaps we'd have some people who want jobs get a break. The UNION needs to go.

    1. Bernie we know this is you, we will allow your comment as your opinion as long as you allow our comments as our opinions on you blog. If not we will remove!

  12. The above comment and reply can be viewed as a start.
    If in fact it is Mr. Ohare.
    My offer stills stands even though you removed it, thinking it was from Mr. Ohare.

    Sue Doahmin

    1. Bernie - you insult our intelligence. We know this is you...if it's not, then why not just send us evidence that it is not? Prove to us that your are Sue Doahmin, a last name so unique it does not appear anywhere! Right

    2. And we know what it means!

  13. Actually, I beleive it is a person from the Callahan camp, wanting to calm down the Gracedale issue. They are fearful that Gracedale will be the central theme of the next election and they don't want that. Their candidate doesn't really care about Gracedale or even know where it is. He will say what he must to get elected but they prefer if Gracedale was not a hot button issue.

    It could be O'Hare but some of the word is that it is a Callahan flunkie trying to calm everyone down. You know, the way Stoffa use to do.

  14. Good insight but if it isn't BO then why not produce confidential evidence?

  15. I can tell you its not BO. I wrote the article about keeping Gracedale but disbanding the union and I still think thats the only way to prevent Gracedale from being sold. As long as the union is involved in anything to do with gracedale-there is always going to be issues there.

  16. Not really. With a competent county executive that puts forth a consistent policy regarding all employees, union and non-union, I believe there are opportunities. The problem the current Administration has is that they have lied on so many occassions they have no creditibiilty left.

    The union isn't going away, that is jjsut reality but I beleive they will be willing to sit and discuss reality with an honest and consistent Execuitve. Who has no agenda other than success of the county.