Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fake Lender - What An Angle!

Ron AngleWell, ousted councilman Ron Angle is in the news again...and again for conducting illegal activities.

It turns out that he has been making illegal mortgage loans - we can now add illegal mortgage loan-sharking to his list of misdeeds.

A wise “unknown author” once said, (Angle Type) “Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason”.

We can never again allow this miscreant back into our local goverment...he will never change his stripes! He will always plot, never caring about anyone but himself.

Read all about how Angle Was Ordered To Stop Un-licensed Lending in Mcall.

Hmmm...ET did not cover this story - why not?


  1. Does ANYTHING surprise you about this person?Are you surprised that this wasn't covered by ET? I'm not surprised by either!~!!!!!

  2. And this is the guy who plans to run for office again? Amazing. Is it any surprise he is Angle and Stoffa's best buddy?

  3. If newspapers have boards of directors, perhaps Angle-the savior of the little people- sits as a director for the ET?

  4. Angle,Stoffa,and O'Hare:
    Keep in mind how many people saw these 3 either as the guardians of NORCO or the ruination of NORCO.
    Thank goodness that they are now being held accountable for their "deeds."
    From what I hear on the street, there is more to come in this continuing unraveling story. Keep tuned.
    More truths are on the way.Some are even colorful when it comes to Sfoffa and his obsession with shoes.

  5. Ron Angle is a conservative republican who, after his close assoc with o'hare was ousted out of office. everyone can appreciate some of his views (not gracedale) but his true downfall in the last year has been his toxic ties with o'hare. sever the ties, and the ills will cure themselves. o'hare is the downfall and political death of everyone who associates with him. beware, stay away from o'hare. he is radioactive, purely radioactive. Angle has been punished by his association with this loser.

  6. Ron Angle has been whjatever suits him. Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservvative. he plays at whatever brigns him the most power and money. He is what he is, not a very nice person.