Thursday, July 26, 2012

Most Valueble Asset

In our opinion, we can agree that a good employee is a valuable asset - but what about a poor employee? We can reasonably say that a poor employee serves no purpose other than to be the center of crisis.

Understanding this reality, we find the following quote somewhat confusing:

"The Department of Human Resources serves the taxpayers by focusing efforts on the County’s most valuable asset, its employees."

If it is true that HR is serving the taxpayers by focusing on its employees, then we have to ask - why does HR allow poor employees to continue in their positions, or worst yet, provide them better opportunities? We comprehend that the focus of employees leads to a point of concentration which provides understanding relating to the performance of an employee. Is it not so that an employee who is not performing according to the sound policies and practices implemented by the county be dealt with accordingly?

Furthermore, shouldn't their employment be terminated when they consistently defy policies by continuing behavior deemed improper according to policies?

Isn't it also part of HR goals to develop an attitude of integrity, trust, excellence, and teamwork? Isn't HR also responsible to act openly and consistently in pursuit of best practices; accepting responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in personal and County practices; and provide a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy and secure, and conscious of long-term family and community goals?

Then why is that not the case? Why is someone like Ilisa Sacknoff allowed to continue to badger family members, as well as their placed loved ones? We The People cannot fathom this reality so we must ask WHY...and we'll start with County Executive John Stoffa because he is ultimately responsible for the actions of all employees.

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  1. As to specific employees, I bl;eieve out focus should be on the leadership, management. Their staff, including supervisors and other middle management, take their cues from the Adminstraion.

    So while I understand the anger and frustration with some specific employees. I beleieve we must keep out focus on "who is in charge" and with the right elected and appointed officals will come the right leadership and employee behavior.

    As to Human Services, many staff will tell you Mr. Marcus is not a leader. He defers many decsisosn to his department heads.

    Even after years on the job, he is not very knowledgable about the Department. He never has had a real understanding of Human Srvices and is primarily there to rubber stamp anyhting Stoffa wanted and until recently what Angle wanted. His behaqvior during the Gracedale debacle was disgusting.

    So let us all focus on the real targert, an
    honest and competent Adminstration for the future of Notrthampton County.