Monday, July 9, 2012

Does It Always Have To Be Like This?

No, of course not!

The condition and direction of NorCo is merely a choice County Executive John Stoffa has made!

Sell Gracedale, a choice that John Stoffa made. Sue the tax payers using taxpayers funds, a choice that John Stoffa made. Run Gracedale into the ground by not maintaining it, a choice that John Stoffa, many bad choices.

And no - there is no design on The Peoples part to torment County Executive John Stoffa, we are simply holding him accountable for the many poor decisions he has made, and in some cases, his inability to make good and sound decisions - which by the way, is our God given right to do so...and yes, there is a difference.

On the other hand, what John Stoffa has subjected COAF to, as well as the county taxpayers who have stood up for Gracedale by unleashing his henchman on them, is clearly an attempt to torment...or better said - to persecute his opposition. What Stoffa's trusted follower does not seem to understand however, is why his rabid techniques are not working!

Well, let's see if we can help him comprehend...follow us closely follower of Stoffa - when you live in a glass house, if you throw stones it is possible that you may break your own house. What do you mean you don't understand? Okay, try reading our lips...if - you - live - in - a - glass - house...ahhh - you get the point, your just playing ignorant. Oh...really - your not playing? How sad!

Well let's see if you understand this buddy - County Executive John Stoffa has deceived the entire county, he said he would protect Gracedale during his campaign, and he made promises to get elected, and then re-elected, which were all less than truthful. How do we know that? Well, he went to Gracedale to asked for the residents and employees support, dining them with his false promises. And what about his meeting with COAF at the 911 building? Where he ate their cake, and told them what he believed they wanted to hear...not realizing that when they said "we will get the signatures" they were telling him the absolute TRUTH.

But of course he didn't really take COAF serious when they told him they would get the required signatures to put the referendum question on the he told them - go ahead, try and cross the line...and then they really messed things up for him when they in fact crossed the finish line.

Stoffa's head began to spin out of control, and he didn't know what to do...but then again - does he ever know what to do? No...not really! Consider that during last Thursdays county council meeting he was asked some very basic and simple questions by County Councilman Lamont McClure, all of a sudden - Stoffas head began to spin again, and his lips began to move spewing out the question "can you repeat the question?" He appeared very dumbfounded. Apparently he is incapable of keeping up with simple questions asked slowly...he was very confused and disorientated.

And then there is the time that he promised COAF he would not go beyond his first court case against the people...just another LIE, because as soon as he lost...his head started to spin again, and he sued the people again!

We The People do not believe that a price can be placed on a human life. And morally, we believe that we must care for those who can not care for themselves any longer.

Is it right to push aside or discard the many who have been more than instrumental in life to this point, just because they are ill and fighting the decay of a fallen world? No...of course not, unless you're County Executive John Stoffa.


  1. The absolute truth. The man is a proven liar. He lied to the unions, he lied to the COAF, Hell I think he even lied to wrong Angle on occasion.

    A disgrace to his office.

  2. you are so right anon 407. COAF has expposed his lies from the begining and throtuot this last year n a 1/2. we need a new leader that doesm't abandon his people.

  3. There was a time that Stoffa could get by with his charm and wit---those days are long gone. Today people expect leaders with substance. Ones that can lead and accomplish positive things for the people who put their trust in them. They are no longer satisfied with being amused. John you have wasted our time and money--just go away.

  4. Stoffa should resigned and maybe the investigation thing will go away. Maybe is better if he stays and the investigation thing blows up on him. yeah thats the ticket.

  5. You can tell O'Hare has given up on Sal and is now firmly in the Callahan camp. He is slamming Sal Panto and allowing personal attacks. That is always a sure sign you have become an O'Hare target. On the other hand, he is censoring and deleting any comments critical of Bethlehem or John Callahan, a sure sign Callahan is now O'Hares choice for county executive and a new O'Hare mancrush.

    The deal has been cut and the danger to Gracedale remains. I hope the county employees and union folks are paying attention and have not gone back to sleep. I also hope that COAF does not believe for a second that Gracedale is safe.

  6. Where O'Hare stands and with whom, Gracedale must be viligently watched and monitored.
    COAF will never give up in their desire to protect the helpless.
    I relly thought that Callahan was smarter then to align himself with O'Hare.
    Angle did, and the rest is history for him.
    Callahan might have a bright political future ,but he had better choose his sidekicks carefully.
    O'Hare is the kiss of political death.

  7. I agree. Just look at how ohare has failed Stoffa. nuff said ohare is sure to bring callahan down if he had a chance, but in the end he will loose because of his alinement with ohare.

  8. Callahan is already telling people he will be the next county executive. He will ourtspend any possible caniddate and buy the office. So I guess there will be no alternatives. I am very concerned about Gracedale.

  9. As a Democrat it would be nice to have an alternative. I can't beleive only Callahan is running. I might as well be a Republican if the candidates are going to be picked for us.