Monday, July 30, 2012

If It Ain't Broke...

...Don't fix it!

When We The People of America originally organized to fight for FREEDOM and for Democracy, there was no Republican - Democrat division...because we understood that a democracy is a regime where rule is determined by the People. And that usually the rule of the People involves voting either directly on propositions, or indirectly through representatives.

When COAF organized to fight the Gracedale battle, we did so - not because it was a Democrat issue, or because it was a Republican issue, but because it was a humane issue...and the right thing to do! Never making a decision based on party...but on TRUTH.

And COAF's purpose as a mixture of parties...was to challenge the opposing government foes to simply give the People their inalienable right to VOTE on the Gracedale sale matter, with the comprehension that our great country is not a party...but a PEOPLE.

America was born the Mother of humanity, and for that reason we have succeeded as a People for 236 years - setting a tremendous example for the rest of the world to follow.

What does that mean to us today? It means that we did what we had to then - to unite and to be counted...not as many - but as one.

And as one we understood with clear vision where we wanted to go...and as one we freely went in the direction our hearts took us.

In 2011, 235 years after our birth as a nation, COAF, located in Northampton County, PA, exemplified the spirit of our Founding Fathers. They demonstrated by their sincere effort and dedicated actions that America today can still be united...and not divided by hypocrisy or party.

Thank God for the genuine Americans like COAF who continue to illustrate what a UNITED American can do.

When the time comes
Get Out And Be Counted...


  1. WOW


  2. You are right on the money - my father rest his poor soul always said " if it ain't broke don't fix it " and he was right, and another was "if there is right there is might."
    COAF was right in their fight and they showed there might, and will continue to do so. People united...


  3. I am so glad that all the COAF folks have held together strong. The opponents of Gracedale have hoped you would fade away.

    It is good to hear you will be staying on the job for next years elections. I am still very worried about the future of Gracedale and all of the county programs, especially Human Services.

  4. My friend Ron Heckman has suggested that the COAF hold some ionformation sesssions with perspective County cnadidates before the money really flows and some are forced out. I think that is a great idea.

    The COAF would be the perfect vehicle for possible candidates to air their views, share their knowledge and offer their insights on the all the problems the county is facing. Also a way to see who is thinking about ruinning and for what.

    Maybe we can sepoerate the sizzle from the facts and the hype from the turth.

    Whatever happens, thank you to the COAF for all you have done. I also want to thank those officials and ex-officals who helped you in your fight.

    My family is grateful. Please stay strong for Gracedale's future.

  5. That is a great idea. I would enjoy that.