Monday, July 16, 2012

Here We Go Again

It is not our intention to defend County Controller Stephen Barron, however, it is very much our intention to defend what is right!!!

O'Hare is on his blog making a big-to-do about Artquest, in the process he again calls Mr. Barron a whistle blower. We take offense to that remark because the controller, nor anyone else for that matter, should be subject to malicious back stabbing name calling harassment because one chooses to do what is right.

For every ones information, the whistle-blower Law was established to protect people who know that something WRONG is going on in an employment environment, and whom after advising management realize that nothing has been done about the situation...and all appearances indicate that nothing is going to be done about it.

The purpose of the law is to encourage people who want to do the right thing - to do the right thing...expose the situation to the proper authorities without fear of retaliation.

Well, in NorCo, if you have to will most likely involve 1) County Executive John Stoffa, and 2) Ron Angle - with the henchman O'Hare doing their dirty work, namely - intentional and malicious reputation destruction using O'Hares hate blog.

In the mean time...these three wrongdoers feel that if you blow the whistle on them your a rat that should be shot. The street gangs in Easton operate much in the same manner, threatening to brake your kneecaps if you don't keep your mouth shut.

We thought that WE are all supposed to tell the TRUTH! We teach our children to tell nothing less than the truth, but when it comes down to these three miscreants...the truth to them is some how hidden in the lies they tell.

O'Hare goes on to say "To propel themselves into office, Barron and McClure are seizing on whatever they think can get them a few votes here and there. They've pandered over Gracedale, playing on people's emotions. They've pandered to public sector unions, banking on their votes. They've opposed a responsible budget proposed by Executive John Stoffa, forcing him to deplete the reserve to unhealthy levels." These silly claims have been made time and time again because O'Hare has nothing of real substance against these two honest civil workers.

Just consider his last remark about 'Stoffa being forced" to deplete the reserve to an unhealthy level...what he conveniently fails to mention is that Stoffa depleted the reserve in order to pay off the SWAPTION at 27.275 million dollars with nothing to show for it!

Why so? Because Stoffa refused to pay off the SWAPTION when it was well under ten million, had he done so, we would be in a better financial position to give Artquest what was promised, and sustain Gracedale well beyond five years without raising taxes. But no...Stoffa had to fight the people and do it all his way...and his way failed. Learn to tell the truth Bernie...your deceptions are just not working!

If nothing else, our friend BO has outlined just how well Mr. Barron is doing his Job. He goes on to mentions many areas that upset him with the Controller, which in our opinion is a good indicator that Controller Barron is doing a great job...why else would these meaningless attacks be carried out?


  1. Quite honestly, any organization that applies for non-profit status, when its top dogs are paid more than the President of the United States of America, should be indicted in RICO charges, and forced to pay all fees involved in their waste of time and effort.

    Thank you Steve and LaMOnt for bringing light to this charade.

  2. Godbless Lamont !

  3. O'Hare hates Barron, McClure and even Ron Heckman because they showed the truth behind the false Stoffa/Angle/O'Hare propaganda.

    O'Hare hates the truth and is now damning anyone he thinks may run for county executive because he is now in the Callahan camp. O'Hare is so crazy, he thinks we forget that two yearts ago when Callahan ran for congress, O'Hare said he was a terrible office holder. Amazing what some money in the right hands will do for O'Hares opinion.

  4. I am really disgusted with how Bernie O'Hare trashes a real gentleman like Ron Heckman for the Callahan people. It is really getting disgusting. Ron ran and won three elections county wide and Callahan has lost countywide, yet O'Hare mocks Ron.

    I hope all the people who have followed the horrible problemns of the past few years are paying attention to all of this next year.

    It is just incredible that Bernie O"hatre is already doing his snide and sneaky character assisination on a man who although retired, was willing and not afraid to stand up to Stoffa and Angle and tell the teuth about Gtracedale. He is a man of knowledge and integrity and that is something that scares O'hare and his gang. O'Hare now claims Ron is pretneding to run to get a "job". If I know Ron, that will really fry him. The Callahan clan really screwed up when they enlisted O'Hater to help them.

    I hope you do run Ron, at least you know what thre Hell you are talking about. We don't need another O'Hare endorsed candidate, we have had more than enough of them.

    Sorry folks for venting but I am tired of a wrech like Bernie O'hare attacking good people in order to push his own candidate and his agenda of destroying Gracedale. He really is a nasty and vile man. I admit I have a hard time praying for a man like that.

  5. Well said. We do need to remember all that has happened. And we need to remember that anyone ohare has aligned himself with have all been against gracedale. Clalahan by his association with o'hater has destroyed his chances to win. I personally considered calahan a deceant mayor but I see him differently now that he has made friends with benedicto. Calahan has lost my vote. I can only ask the coalition to stay involved and make sure the calahan does not win or he 2 will look for a way to sell gracedale.

  6. I feel bad for Barron, McClure and Heckman, they seem to be O'Hare targets. Maybe they should take pride in that. Remeber, O'Hare supported Stoffa and Angle and look how well that went for the county.

  7. Good people everywhere know that McClure, Barron and Heckman are good people trying to help the less fortunate. They are not afraid to defend Gracedale and public employees from stupid and unfounded attacks, designed to foment hatred. We all know what O'Hare is all about, so they shouldn't let the attacks of an angry alcoholic make them feel bad(I doubt that it does).

    O'Hare has made a political choice and like his history proves, he will try and destroy anyone who stands in the way.

    He is crazy and that is actuaslly sad. He needs mental health counseling but he will never seek the trreatment he needs.