Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Is It Possible?

That  poor employees like Program Specialist II, Ilisa Sacknoff can manipulate the system to gain County employment positions that permit them to cause hardship and suffering to family members of persons placed within County control for mental or physical care.

At Gracedale, Ms. Sacknoff worked under Rita Steller, who managed the Social Services Department at Gracedale. When Ms. Steller was apprised of the many improper comments and rude behavior displayed by the less than desireable employee, nothing was done. There certainly appeared to be a pattern to her improper behavior, so Ross Marcus was then apprised of the situation, and instead of reprimanding her at minimum - he simply provided her a better paying position at Developmental Programs. This was all approved of course by County Executive John Stoffa. In our humble opinion, it seems safe to say that Mr. Stoffa set the example for Mr. Marcus to follow, leading him to believe that doing nothng is possible, because he too has been doing nothing for so many years.

Today, Ms. Sacknoff works under Deputy Administrator for DP, Ann Kline, whom, in our opinion is  allowing Ms. Sacknoff to continue her atrocious treatment of relatives of people with mental disorders such as retardation. In the mean time, Ms. Kline has done nothing to correct the behavior, just like Mr. Marcus and Mr. Stoffa.

And what exactly is the mission of DP - To improve the quality of life for people with mental retardation...well, how exactly can they carry out their mission when they're always too busy doing nothing?

And get this...their PROGRAM GOALS are: To support a responsive and flexible system of services and choices that empowers individuals and thier families...WHAT!!! This is expected from the employee who walks around telling members of families "YOU DON"T HAVE A CHOICE.


  1. its a safe bet that the witch illisa thought the coalition forgot about her. HA HA HA no thank goodness they did not they just had bigger fish to fry but by the looks of things they are getting to the smaller fish

    watchout for the hook

    a friend of ross

  2. The entire MH/MR propgram has been hurting for years. Look to the top Division person and you will find the real problem. She is in it for the money and the ego trip. She spends as much time away from the offcice than in it.

    Neither Stoffa or Marcus have the courage to stand up to her. So as long as her job and inflated salary are sfe the other employees can disappear.

  3. Are we discussing Ann Kline?

  4. I believe the poster was refering to Ms. Kelly, the head of MH/DP. Mr. Marcus lets her do whatever she wants.

  5. I certainly could see her (KK) as tyhe major problem. Just ask the employees.

  6. Chris Miller's name is all over the lehigh valley live blog and 2 times in the newspaper itself. Of course, he is running for county council in the future as Angle#2 with suspenders and all.
    I remember the night that he stood up in front of council to show off his "ability" with the numbers of the various stock markets.After that, he called Gracedale at RAT HOLE.
    Does he mean to say as the great history teacher that he is,according to himself,that our family members are RATS?
    I believe that one of his OWN students wrote on the Express blog just what kind of a former teacher he really was.
    So, if this wonderful,former teacher can now evaluate Foreign Language curriculum as well as he evaluated Gracedale and the world's economy which by Stoffa's own mouth admitted that he himself does not know much about the world's economy,then why in the world is Miller saying what he is saying?
    FUTURE POLITICAL PLANS because the layman believes what he is saying to be truth.
    The dess code ,by the way, has only to be enforced.He is a board member.Has he discussed this with the whole board and directed the Supt. to direct his administrators and teachers/aides to ENFORCE WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE? I would think not because there would be no publicity for him.It would be the professional channel to take.
    It's obvious that he knows nothing about foreign languages PERIOD.
    As a teacher of history, has he ever heard of the region in Spain called Castilla? He should be talking to HIS experts in HIS school district.That is why he is there.
    This second man wearing the suspenders has attacked a school's dress code, a foreign language curriculum,and named -called our county's home for the aged and impaired.
    While these subjects are all important, he should be going through the correct channels to study the problems.That is one of a board members first priorities.It is his job.
    As one of his students said, they have been pulling the wool over this guy's eyes as a teacher for years.It's the oldest trick in the book.Perhaps this is an unfair evaluation,then let more students tell us just how great he was. As a Board Leader, Miller has many educational effects on our youth.He should open his mind before his mouth!