Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Time Is Coming ; - )

NorCo will once again be an honest County. Our governing bodies on all levels will work for the people who elected them, just as they were intended to...that means you too Mr. Stoffa.

Yes, there always will be some forces trying to corrupt the honest, and we all know like who...but that's when We The People will step up once again to set the example for all to follow.

Corruption will cease to exist because We - a unified PEOPLE will hold all those creating crisis in OUR County responsible for their evil deeds.

And all who work to hurt those who are unable to care for themselves, like Ilisa Sacknoff - will be put on display for all to see their evil actions...and then held accountable.


  1. This whole county administration should be ashamed of themselves for the incompetence, ineptness, as well as ignorance. Human Services' director, Ross Marcus has so far successfully outsourced jobs to private agencies as well as shut down 3 programs in the past few years. They include Aging Waiver program, Mental Health ICM, as well as now Developmental Programs (formerly MR). His two faced speeches and quotes are irrelevant and his actions speak louder than his words!

  2. The most amazing thing is that the wrong Angle screamed at the last adminstration for even mentioning some provatization. Howeever, while his puppet old John Stoffa has been in power, he praised all the selling off of Human Services.

    Even O'Hater attacked and lied about the former HS Director Mr. Heckman, for saving jobs. Yet he is quite silent about Stoffa and Marcus cutting the heart out of Human Services.

    By the time Stoffa and Marcus are thrown out, the place will be in schambles and the true mission of the county will be sold off to thte higest bidder.

    I sure hope we get a new and decent county executive. Not another slimy politican.

  3. This is why voters need to go vote in non presidential years and stand up to these immoral, unethical, and greed driven politicians!

    Stoffa and Marcus will be gone in 2014 but their legacy will remain with all the chaos and disservice to the workers and clients.

  4. I work in DP and me and others have met w Kathleen Kelly and Ross Marcus several times with our union present over the past year and a half to complain about how the program was run by Ilisa and Ann. All we got was a bunch of double talk back from Ross and that how he was dealing with Ilisa was a "personel issue."

    I agree that these people should be ashamed, but also hope that the people in this County wake up to see who is really running this county!

  5. One probleem is that the one Director is never at work. She hasn't been there in years. Marcus is terrified of her and lets her do as she wants.

    It is the most well known secret in the county and has been for years. She doesn't care about Mental healoth or Dp, just her own ego.

  6. Marcus,

  7. anon 10:20 - we would be interested in conversation with you. We will never disclose anything you don't want us to. We, unlike the county administrators, can be trusted. please email us so that we can open conversation, thx.