Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's Be Clear On The Wound Care Team

Last Fall, Northampton County Council did contract Premiere to manage and administrate Gracedale, however, it created the Gracedale Advisory Board to advise on operations - not to oversee operations. Furthermore, GAB was not created in the fall as is implied on BO's blog...but earlier this spring, and they did not have their first organizational meeting until just this past June. The topic of the Wound Care Team was brought up, was kind of dismissed with a wait-and-see conclusion due to their not-organized status.

Now, we're not being critical of GAB, after all, they had just formed and are in the process of establishing themselves before really taking the bull by the horns. We get that...but the impression presented that GAB had not had an opportunity to discuss the matter is inaccurate.

Unlike BO, we did not see a divided council - we witnessed County Council at it's very best in years. Lamont McClure introduced the resolution that We The People had asked for. And Council in a very civil manner discussed all opinions and concluded by a 5-3 vote that keeping the WCT in place was the right thing to do.

No one was one called anyone one names...and John Stoffa did not get his way.

And what BO failed to mention in his slanted piece was that it would probably have been 7-1 if Mr. Cusick and Mr. Dietrick were not so concerned about the issue going before GAB again for their recommendation. Neither indicated that they wanted to see the WCT fact, the opposite appeared true.

BO goes on to say "Gracedale does have a lower number of residents with bed sores than you'll find in most nursing homes, and most staffers are convinced that this is the result of the efforts of a specialized wound care team at the facility." Most staffers? We love you Bernie, but...come on - everyone in health care, and in the county, and country for that matter, understands just how vital a WCT is. With two exceptions of course - you and John.

Bruce Gilbert expressed his own slanted concerns about micromanaging, but Ken Kraft nipped it in the butt quickly saying: "That's our job, to micromanage the manager." In our opinion - Bruce needs to conceal his strings just a little bit better. It was quite apparent that he was siding with John Stoffa as he normally does, just for the sake of doing so. You see, it really does not matter what garbage John is selling, Bruce is always buying.

McClure reproved the idea that Council was micromanaging, instead he presented the viewpoint that it was Councils duty to manage the managers they place in management positions. And We The People agree with that position. And then McClure asked the pincipal question "Why would we ever stop doing the things we do well?" BO writes that "the pro-Gracedale crowd broke into applause." Well, in our opinion, it was not just the pro-Gracedale crowd, but, all the reasonable people in the crowd who understood and agreed with the response.

With regard to Premier's failure to be present to explain their position on this matter - as we stated in an earlier post, We The People believe that they too are being set up for failure by the County Executive John Stoffa. Remember, Premier falls directly under his control. And if BO really senses that Premier made two very big mistakes, he should also sense that County Executive John Stoffa made one catastrophic mistake - he turned his back on We The People. And for that...he should be concerned!

The resolution to keep the Wound Care Team in place was supported by:
Lamont McClure, Scott Parsons, Peg Ferraro, Ken Kraft and Bob Werner.
Nay Sayer's were:
John Cusick,Tom Dietrich, Bruce Gilbert.
Barbara Thierry was MIA.


  1. Word on the street is, John you need another die job on your hair. It maybe time for you to step down. And take bo with you.

  2. This is such greeeat news. all of the gracedale residents thank you coaf for staying involved and making a world of a difference.

  3. Word on the street is, John where is M.I.A.? He helped you start this now he left you to hold the bag. I guess it is up to the lying two. Maybe it is time to bail out, and let someone else straighen out the mess you caused. Thank You.

  4. The Council did the right thing in terms of wound care.
    We are talking about severe suffering or even death.
    Why would any County Exec want to table the concept for another time. Stoffa,Marcus,etc. have been stalling for months. Perhaps, the quicker they get rid of the "old people,"the quicker they can begin their thoughts of sale.
    What a cover-up.
    One would think that Bernie O'Hare is brighter than they are and should help his buddies see the light.
    The light has been burning now for three years;it is not going to burn out.
    It's great to now have a council who thinks as individuals
    for the best ways to help our poor and elderly deal comfortably with the health problems associated with aging.

  5. I would like to thank the COAF on the continued effort to help preserve the place i love [GRACEDALE]. And thanks to the Five on County Council in our corner. How about Stoffa now claiming that the Pension Fund is in trouble when a few months ago Angle andf his cronnies claimed that putting 350 people on early pension would not hurt there was plenty of money. NOW WE ARE IN TROUBLE. HOLY CRAP. anyway thanks for your help again. Chris

  6. O'Hare is deleting this but before Stoffa the pension fund was solid. It was 100% funded and now it is at 70%. What happened to the money John? He has been a disaster. Before him, every County Executive made sure the fund was sound and now it is in trouble.

    John Stoffa has been the most disastorus conuty executive in the county's history.

    You won't read this on the hate blog becasue O'hare will censor the truth. He allows the hate but makes sure to protect his politcal buddies.

    Hopefyully, soon O'Hare will go the way of Wrong Angle and Sorry Stoffa and lose his power in the county.

    He is always in the bathroom naked and washing. No one is allowed to say anything but it is pretty disgusting to use the bathroom with his smelly naked bdy there washing in the sink.

  7. Dietrich, Cusick and Gilbert have a vested interest in seeing Gracedale fail. They voted to sell the facility and they have to face the voters next year.

    1. I would agree with you on Gilbert, he has to go. John needs to show emotion on gracedale and Tom has my vote. I believe he was instrumental in removing angle as president. And I know that he is in gracedales corner

  8. Stoffa is a buffon and it will be a day of celebration when his miserable term in offcie is over. That wil be a day of prayer.