Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Incompetency Continues

dejected looking young men and crowd in front of a section of the collapsed bridgeWho can forget the scenes from the I-35W Mississippi River bridge (officially known as Bridge 9340) which on August 1, 2007, suddenly collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring 145.

Well, our incompetent County Executive John Stoffa apparently has. And now we get to run around like chickens without heads trying to figure out what we're going to do with the many bridges that we have in disarray.

We really made a tremendous mistake electing Mr. Stoffa. He has truly turned out to be inapt, inept, unqualified, and less than fit to handle his position as County Executive. He will definitely go down in NorCo's history as the worst CE the county has elected. What a legacy to leave behind.

Emergency personnel running on the collapsed bridge and two Minneapolis Fire Department boats in the water with dozens of observers on the bank of the MississippiCould we have imagined that John Stoffa would take a position to sue the taxpayers with their own money, dig his heels in, and then pull the trigger? No we could not.

Could we imagine that in the mean time Stoffa would forget about all his other responsibilities like the bridges which he is now so concerned about. You know...the ones that would have made more sense to tend to than suing the taxpayers over the Gracedale Petition Initiative? No we could not.

The county believed then that he could handle the responsibilities, because he painted a pretty picture...but evidently, he could not - because as of today, he has not.

He was quoted in the Express Times on July 8th, 2012 saying: "My biggest fear is that one will collapse with a school bus," speaking about the 119 bridges NorCo is responsible for, in whole or in part, forcing the questions - why was he not concerned before? And, why was it so much more important to sue the taxpayers? Who will again be placed behind the eight ball with another $20 million dollar ticket!

It wasn't bad enough that he threw away $27.275 Million dollars on the SWAPTION...Now he wants $20 million to commence urgently needed bridge repairs, the paper reports that he requires "$14.8 million to replace 20 bridges and $3.4 million to repair 22 more,"...wait a minute - that translates to $18.2 million, so why exactly is he seeking $20 million?

Well, surely he built in a cushion that he can use for some other pet project, as he continues to plot the destruction of our County.


  1. He is looking for a scapegoat to cover all the money plans he made with Angle never realizing that there really are some intelligent and compassionate taxpayers who saw through their schemes.
    Stoffa's approach to the running of the county for this second term IS a total disgrace.
    It is a good thing that council is watching him as he comes up with his diversionary tactics.
    Now, he and Marcus want to initiate an end run to get rid of the same wound center at Gracedale that the Council resolved to maintain as is.
    Anyone who knows anything about open wounds in a nursing home knows how important the very best and consistent approach is to providing the right kind of care.
    Sometimes these people like Stoffa and Marcus learn the hard way as they age.

  2. The county budget is in schambles. The word from inside the county is there is no leadership from the top and everyone is scrambliong and doing their own thing.

    Gracedale continues to be secretly undermined, the rest of Human Services is hemorraging cash and Stoffa is planning to privatize a large chunk of it.

    The entire county operation under the control of the county executive is falling apart and running like a rudderless ship.

    The question is, what will be left of the county by the end of next year. We better be prepared for some very hard and unfrotunate realities once the smoke and mirrors are lifeted from the mess that is now the Stoffa Adminstration.

    Even Stoffa's buddies in the media can't haide this for long.

  3. The next County Executive will inherit a mess. He or she will probably be a one termer becasue they will probably be forced to raise taxes to fix the mess Stoffa caused.