Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wound Care Team Remains In Place

GREAT news for Gracedale - by a 5 to 3 (1 absent) vote, County Council passed a resolution to keep the Wound Care Team in place.

There was much discussion, and a vote to table the matter until the next meeting to give an opportunity for the newly formed Gracedale Advisory Group to consider the matter and render an opinion, as well as the Human Services Department. However, in the end - RIGHT prevailed.

The greatest reality is that County Council performed the way a good governing body is supposed to. And we must say, were impressed with the intelligent discussion (with one exception) and with the evidence that some - who were not initially sure that passing such a resolution was the correct thing to do...went out and did their homework, discovering it was the correct thing to do.

And now we also know for sure that our County Executive John Stoffa was in fact behind the bright idea to disband the WCT, because he exposed himself when he stood up to the podium to implore the Council to put off the resolution vote until they have more information.

Reasonable heads instead said...we have all the information we need right now.

County Council for doing the right thing.

Stay tuned - more details to follow tomorrow.


  1. Horray,good job council. Why wait for a human services report,since Marcus only says what Stoffa lets him say. A bonus is that O'Hare doesn't like it. What is wrong with Peg Ferraro,she keeps buying into Stoffa's lies.

  2. From a family who has relatives currently at Gracedale,THANK YOU,Council members for doing your homework and for representing All the citizens of NORCO.