Thursday, July 19, 2012

Angles Success Story?

We pointed our readers to the recent Ron Angle Loan Scheme Story reported by Mcall to demonstrate that Ron is still out there unleashing his arrogance on the world in his quest for more, give me more...more I say - mo money that is!

Well, since the nonsensical ignoramus is so informative on other landowner issues in the community, we're wondering why he has not taken a greater interest with this angle on Ron "the Slumlord" Angle?

During the first Gracedale Business Matters episodes, a member of the audience mentioned that Ron Angle is a slumlord, Ron didn't deny it, and Bernie didn't dispute it, they just laughed it off...but if that is true, then why hasn't O'Hare reported the truth about Angle...oh yeah, that's right...they're two peas in a pot.

Ron Angle has done more to hurt our County, and our community simply to serve his own interest, yet O'Hare doesn't seem bothered by that, and doesn't report anything about that, why not? Oh...that's right - during one of the Business Matters episodes, it was revealed that Bernie is Angles right hand puppet.

County Executive John Stoffa has also done his part to hurt our County, and our community, and our home of the Widows and Orphans - Gracedale, more so than even Angle could...and why doesn't the nonsensical ignoramus report on that? Oh, yeah, that's right...he's Stoffas left hand puppet.

Wait a it Stoffa's right hand puppet, or Angle's right hand puppet? Well, in this now famous, and our favorite picture of the three of them plotting, it appears that Bernie is Stoffa's right hand puppet, and Ron's left hand puppet. Regardless of which hand controls him, they both pull O'Hare's stings. If that isn't so...then why hasn't Bernie ripped Angle and Stoffa apart for their wrong doings? The answer is simple...they are a team out for themselves.

Joseph P. Owens of the Express Times called Bernie a Ron Angle Operative, so they too know that Bernie is manipulated by Ron Angle.

And what about Stoffa telling members of COAF "I will not appeal", but, they learn from ET reporter Sara Cassi on February 22, 2011 that John Stoffa will appeal. Yes, Stoffa is a deceiver, but, none of that gets any attention from Bernie...why not?

We all know why not...THEY ARE A TEAM!
Out to destroy, destroy, destroy.

Angle is meaningless and old news, and what about John Stoffa? We all know...
...he has to go!


  1. Word on the street is, is MIA going to show at counsel meeting tonight. He has not been seen since 69 News was at Counsel Metting. Come out, come out where ever you are.

  2. Three nobodies dying to be recognized as somebodies.
    Their done politically with their character and integrity down the tubes.They now seem like GOONS,GOONS,GOONS to me.
    Who cares if MIA attends a meeting of council?
    When he was President, he did not do anything except yell ,name call, and put women down.
    After that sentence,not only is he a goon but a "la la" as well.

  3. Every Ron Angle "success", is usually becasue of someone else's "misery". His reward awaits him in the hereafter.