Friday, July 27, 2012

For Whom Do We Fight For?...

...For the idle, the indolent, or the lazy? Absolutely NOT...but for those who cannot care for themselves due to circumstances beyond their control.

Do we agree with social programs which empower the lazy to stay lazy? NO, absolutely not...we believe that if you don't work because you don't want to work, well, you simply don't eat - because you are too lazy to be part of a successful community.

The programs that should be cut by the government are the programs that cost taxpayer their hard earned money which go to people who just don't feel like being productive know, the ones that have all their limbs, and they have a perfectly sound mind...they just simply figure, hey, if I can get the government to support me without effort...why not!

The BIG question is - why won't the government cut those ridiculous programs, and instead choose to cut programs that assist the real needy of our you really want to know why? Because with those programs they control the masses.

Sadly, our government has lost sight of "Democracy" and is headed in the direction of FABIAN SOCIALISM. Most would probably be shocked to find out that Barack Obama is a Fabian Socialist...but he is - just telling the TRUTH.

Many would also be shocked to discover that there are many Republicans – yes indeed, Republicans too – that are Fabian Socialists.  And what about the Democrats, well some say - obviously.

The Fabian Socialist movement has infiltrated our United States Congress, and right there in Congress they're deliberately destroying America...and we Americans continue to allow it, eventually it may be too late...but there is still time to put a stop to it.

If you study Fabian Socialism you will discover that they tend to cut programs that assist those who are mentally challenged, and they cut programs that assist the elderly who worked all their lives but are justifliably preparing for retirement - simply because they are no longer useful to the Fabian Socialist model.

But what about that individual who will gladly take a hand out...the Fabian Socialist love them because for a free hand out they conform,  and the Fabians buy their votes with a handout. And then, to control them they threaten to take away the handout, and all the lazy bodies fall in line. Very clever, very sinister, and also very effective. And ultimately who pays for it? got it - the taxpayers.

We The People - the taxpayers who pay the bills, we have to understand that it is not all Republicans, and not all the Democrats, and not all the independents causing this starts out as a small group with the idea that - not through iron fist revolution, but through gradual implementation of social state programs they take over...and finally - dictate to the people their agenda.

With the upcoming election nearing we need to begin to educate ourselves with the knowledge of who is in line with this "Fabian Approach", and make certain that they don't get in...or, when we are ruled by a dictator who tells us when we can go to the bathroom, we will have no one to blame - shame on us.

Get Out And Vote!


  1. Off topic folks , But I wanted to alert you. Mr. Ronald Angle is still licking his wounds, whimpering and crying like a defeated bully does, after his overwhelmingly embarrassing and humiliating loss this past Novemeber to Scott Parsons. GREAT JOB!!

    Since I supported Scott Parsons, and was happy he won the election, team O'Hater invaded the Northampton County Republican Meeting on Wednesday, 7/25 at 7pm. He was a "guest" of Ron Angle. He stunk up the entire room. They distributed copies to all Exec members of "Angle got his Ass Kicked by Parsons" blog post, and decided to grandstand in front of everyone.

    They are trying to have me kicked off the committee because I supported a democrat instead of Ron Angle. What Ron Angle doesnt realize is that I would support a dead dog, and day, over him.

    So, in effect, it may seem like Ronny boy has gotten over his political career ender county council election loss, but he hasnt. He is still festering about it like a parasitic germ, getting bigger and bigger, and WORSE!

    Whomever said time heals all wounds was right, except in the case of O'Hare and Angle. I know 16 year olds with more maturity than this. I am supposed to have a joint meeting with the EPD chief, and possibly a prosecutor to discuss pressing harassment charges/ and /or stalking against the two of them.

    They also tried to convince the NCRC that I am armed and dangerous. Funny thing is, Angle has an arsenal at his house that could put Mr. Colorado to shame. Who's unstable and doesnt deserve a gun?

    Stay tuned for more at WEFP. Have a great weekend and God Bless.

  2. Ron Angle is finished in this area! Only mindless tea baggers sit and listen to his bombastic grandstanding and propaganda. They are the same people who watch Fox News and listen and follow why they say as gospel. Well some in this County have woken up and turned the channel and are finished with their nonsense and realize what is really going on in this country. The .01 percent need to realize that the massess in the end will always succeed. It is a numbers game! Throughout history, once people are oppressed to the brink, they unite and conquer. Liberty and Justice for all!

  3. This is a very interesting post. As I am sure most have not been, I was not aware of FS or what it ment, however, you have enlighten me, as I am sure yuou have many others. I did some research on this topic of FS and found out that you are right. And as a D in the politcal arena, i was not aware that obama was a FS but your link is frightening acurate, as I did more research after reading the link and found a lot of other material on the web that present who obama really is regarding FS. great post!

  4. The Northampton County Republican Committee must soon decide. Do they continue down the Angle/O'Hare path of self-destruction or say we have had enouygh of this nonsense.

    Do they so soon foirget that Peg Ferrarro supported John Stoffa against Bob Nyce the Republican candidate, as did other Republicans. Do they so soon forget that another past Republican Chair, Jack Bradt was John Stoffa's biggest politcal finanicial contributor. Do they so soon forget that Chairman Shuman had the Republican candidate for Execitive drop out and then endorsed John Stoffa for County Execuitve.

    This so called "Republican allegiance" is one of convenience and not conviction. You must fight them on their own terms.

    The Republicans have a choice in Northamton County follow the Ron Angles and Chris Millers to general election destruction or to igonre the idiots Angle and O'Hare and realize that they are toxic and only care about their egos.

    Already Republicans like FErraro, Angle and O'Hare have had mneetings with the the Callahan machine, a Democrat running for County Executive. Why? Word is they will push for a weak Republican opponenet to assure him victory in a deal being forged. See if they will lie and deny it? They want to pick and chose "conscience". If I were you, I would include all this in my defense and hold a press conference of they continue on this path.

    Good Luck.

  5. I am sure that justice will prevail. I am not going to discuss what I already know, or where its going at this point.

    Ron Angle, now 65 years old, is a lost cause and is politically radioactive. He tries to be a friend to the taxpayer, but in the process, berrates people who disagree with him on any level, loses his cool in public venues, is overly aggressive toward others with different views, and uses his money to push people around, and silence them.

    For this alone, most reasonable people in the political arena dont support Ron. Throw in his constant court battles as he dangles on the edge of criminal charges for a will (forged) or gone bad, his land deal gone bad with the dentist, having to be judicially forced to resign from the Bangor School Board, and his recent folley with the PA Dept of Banking, and you have one wild sh*t pie of a Republican.

    I will never support Ron Angle for public office. If I get kicked out of NCRC because of it, then that is that. I will never ever support him for any election anywhere EVER.

  6. Also BTW, I would NEVER EVER hold a press conference. That is exactly what drama queens like the toxic team O'Hater/Angle really really love.

    Like two attention starved abandoned dogs in heat, their mouth froth and drip for press coverage, like they haven't had food or water days.

    Interesting that Angle brings in O'Hater to the meeting.....OK, so they try to convince the Exec. Committee that I am a democrat plant/spy.......halarious and a waste of time, but there was still no reason for O'Hare to be there. He could have printed out his "evidence" and just gave it to Ron.

    But look at this..... he is still freaking out because I dumped his ass square out of my house last summer, I refuse to be in the same room with him anywhere....because his stalking obsession is frightening, getting worse not better. Because of him, I attend no public meetings, and gave up walking completely because the sight of him makes me physically ill. I fear for my life. I shop out of state now, because his stalking has extended to those venues too.

    Seems that I have had to drop off the freaking planet, and he still finds a way to bump into me. He is a walking time bomb waiting to detonate, and I'm sick of it along with his pal Angle who validates his behavior.

    its such a shame that there is no law on the books which address being a chronic a**hole, and abuser of the system, and a grandstanding self destructive piece of garbage. If there were, then team Angle /O'Hate could yuck it up 24/7 in a cell where they belong.

  7. You shopuld still put in writing the 4:50 poster's points. I think they are good ones. If the Republican Executive Board goes after you, they should explain to threir members how they pick and chose which Republicans they persecute for "supporting" Democrats.

    You should not allow Angle/O'Harte to get away with more of their hate and terror campaign. If the Republican Party gives them the time of day, they shouldn't ot be surprised that next year they will lose all their county races.

  8. @4:50 Great post! Good history. In 2005 Stoffa was in fact supported by Angle and then Ferraro (after her primary loss) over Republican nominee Bob Nyce. In 2009 potential Republican candidates dropped out because Angle and the party elders would again support Stoffa over any real Republican. No some Republicans in Norco are already quietly greasing the skids and throwing in the towel for Callahan next year.

    @1:31 is spot on Angle was a key reason behind last year's Democratic sweep and unless the new NCRC chair shows leadership don't be surprised if next year isn't a big Dem win as well.

  9. You guys are all making pretty good observations,, what no one has menttioned yet is, we can be dems or reps or inds bbut its not all just about the party. We can agree with the party as long as the party does not go over board. simply stated that is that as a dem myself, im not going to jump off a bridge because the president says so. the best of any party are those that wnat to do what is right. Look at COAF as we have all been informed before, they are people of all parties wotking together for what they all beleive to be right.

    Their example sets the standard.

  10. I agree and regardless of Party affiliation, we should all do what we think is best for the county. That is one reason I am upset that the Repulbican Party is already looking into making a deal with Democrat John Callahan to be the next county executive. I fear for Gracedale, not the party.