Thursday, July 5, 2012

Speaking Softly

We The People have never asked anyone in local government to do anything for The People in a less than a humble voice, and a humble manner - but it surely seems that we have been forced time and time again to repeat ourselves...why?

We don't believe that a price can be placed on a human life. And morally, we believe that we must care for those who can no longer care for themselves.

Is it right to push aside or discard the many who have been more than instrumental in their lives, simply because they are ill, fighting the decay of a fallen world?

No, to a reasonable's actually wrong!

We The People have stood up, and will continue to stand up for Gracedale because our love for humanity is boundless. Love can be define in many different ways - but true and sincere love from the heart will always equal care.

If we sincerely care about each other, our posterity, and especially our elders...we must not disband the Wound Care Team. Doing so can only be detrimental to the residents of Gracedale.

Some place so much value on things that matter least...while placing no value on things that matter most. We The People - simply stated, cannot comprehend that.

We cannot fathom the thought process of a person like County Executive John Stoffa, who would over-tax the taxpayers to throw away 27.250 million dollars, and yet, is not willing to spend wisely the tax dollars that he has been authorized by the taxpayers to spend - on what matters most to us...PEOPLE.

In 2011, We The People elected a new council to assist the existing council in doing - not just what they believe is in the best interest of The People...but what they know is genuine, and right for all the people of the county.

Today, humbly we ask County Council again...PLEASE, introduce and pass a resolution that will prevent this foolish act of disbanding Gracedale's much needed Wound Care Team from taking place. The taxpayers, and most importantly the residents of Gracedale thank you for doing so.


  1. Word on the street is, where is M-I-A. Things are getting done at Counsel, with out him. Please stay away.

  2. Wound care is medically necessary for the patients of any nursing home. failure to address these concerns by Stoffa will put the Gracedale license in jeopardy. BTW, John Stoffa is not a licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Stoffa stay the hell out of this and let the person with the license deal with it.

  3. Stoffa, get with the real world. You lost your attempt to sell Gracedale to pay off the swaption.
    Start helping our seniors instead of trying to hurt them ONLY to protect your twisted ego.
    Protect our elderly ,start doing your job, or GET OUT!