Friday, July 20, 2012

Can Stoffa Tell The Truth?

Unfortunately, we think not!

John StoffaJohn Stoffa change from a reasonably happy person into an unrecognizable person after his party refused to support him any longer. Some say he became very vindictive, and aligning himself with Ron Angle didn't help.

Early on there was a member of COAF who never trusted Stoffa. Sadly, he has gone home to the Father. But he said he knew John Stoffa going back to his days in correction where he discovered who the true John Stoffa was...the one that he said could never be trusted. He actually helped us see that we were being misled by John.

Our friend was certainly not afraid of John Stoffa or Ron Angle, and we say that to point out that during the big dabate on Gracedale, we believe it was the night that Angle said something to the effect that council was not leaving until the resolution to sell passed "if we have to stay til 2 in the morning". Well our friend got up and gave Angle, who was president then, and stoffa, and the rest of county council a piece of his mind. But somehow they didn't get it.

In heaven he sits now saying: you still don't get it John...We The People LOVE Gracedale.

gracedale newThose of us who have been fortunate enough to love someone there, we don't want her in someone else's hands John...we want her in our hands - county hands, where we can make certain that she (Gracedale) does what she was intended to do, take care of we all know she can.

It seems John, that only you at this point in time don't get it. Please note John, that from where I sit now, it appears that you too John will soon need her...then what? Answer me that!


  1. Believe me, dad in his own way is still fighting the fight!! He may have been up in age but sharp as a whistle and his judge of character was always spot on! He always said "once a snake; always a snake"!

    God Bless COAF!
    Donna Flyte Barney

  2. We honor your Dad Donna...he was right on target

  3. He was a good man. You have my sympoathy Donna. Your Dad and a few other private sitizens were not afarid to stand up in front of President Angle, County Executive Stoffa and O'hare the hater and say, "You are wrong about Gracedale".

    We are indeed fortunate for your father and the others not afriad to deal with the wrath of Angle, the lies of Stoffa and the venomous hate of O'Hare.

    May he rest in Peace.

  4. UInfortunately, once some of these people make up their minds they laugh at people like your father. Even when people with far more knowledge than any of the counil memebers or even Marcus himself, trid to help, they laughed and sneered.

    No, Stoffa, Angle and the couinty council memebers saw dollar signs and not people. They mocked those who appeared and tried to help. Even today they still work to convince people to dump Gracedale. They decide to lay off people and slash services and still have the audacity to blame Gracedale.

    They are like a cancer in governemnt. Fortunately wrong Angle is gone but his influence still exists. Not until
    Stoffa and marcus and all his henchman are pushed out can honesty and compassion and common sense return to Northamton county.

  5. O'Hare must be out on the prowl or confering wiht his masters. You can always tell when he is away because he doesn't allow comments.

    He gets scared that someone will contradict his hate filled lies and he won't be there to quicklty delete it.

    The coward is on the run andf it is about time.

  6. The joke is on them. That is why the rats are running for cover.Stoffa, Angle, and O'Hare can never win.Only the truth will take over.
    They have been caught in many lies and have not won one issue yet.
    Stay tuned. There is more to come. COAF will be there forever to protect Gracedale,NORCO's home for its sick and elderly.
    That is what our soiled leaders should have been doing all along instead of fighting the very people who elected them.

  7. What are we going to do about Marcus and cutting all the help to the Area Agency on Aging and for the mentally challenged people? I want my dad to stay in his home, but it looks like soon he'll have no choice. This is work that government is pulling the wrong out from underneath this people. We need to stand in arms with our brothers, especially our brothers and sisters that work in these agencies that are going to lose their jobs. We need to do something.

  8. What are we going to do about Marcus and the care of our brothers? He intends to cut services to our elderly and our brothers and sisters that are mentally challenged. Plus our friends that hold jobs in these offices like Area Agency on Aging stand to lose their jobs. We need to let our voices be heard. I don't want my dad to lose his home. It is a shame that they are cutting these agencies and forcing people out of their homes, especially since they are trying to take advantage of Gracedale. They just want to throw these people away. We need to do something. You don't read about this at anyone else's blog. The big evil 3 are silent.

  9. Contact the Spokesperson for COAF and speak with him.

  10. Rest in peace Don, but keep helping us do right. Watch over us in all we do. You are still with us. You were one of the thirteen signers to get this going and we did it, and are still going strong even death won't stop us -right Don ? Thank's for all you have done you are alway's in our hearts.

  11. To answer the original question posed by this entry, NO!!!

  12. Check out my blog this am... Post on what Callahan does when times get tough!

  13. Thanks Eric. It should be no asurprise why O'Hare went from calling Callahan a terrible mayor two years ago to praising him and supporting his run for county executive. Thanks for your work. That is another entry that you will never read on O'Hares hate blog.

    I agree that Callahan is and always has been about the cash. He would sell Gracedale in a minute and would actually care less than Stoffa, since Callahan doesn't even know what Gracedfale does.

    No time for rest by the COAF and the union.