Friday, July 20, 2012

We Hope Not...

...but if layoffs do take place, we hope Ilisa Sacknoff is the only one affected by it.

In our opinion, her employment should have been terminated when she worked in the Social Services department at Gracedale. Instead, Ross Marcus under the direction of County Executive John Stoffa rewarded her, as we understand it, with another position elsewhere, receiving a higher salary. It was as if she receive a promotion for her lack of scruples...go figure!

Ms. Sacknoff is the reason that COAF one point or another, she told COAF members "you have no choice" relating to her mistreatment of their loved ones. She was arrogant and distasteful in her role as an advocate for the ill at Gracedale...especially those with Alzheimer's.

When the windows at GD were being replaced, during the resident move from Tower-8 to SW2, which was an Alzheimer's wing at that time, a member of COAF overheard her tell a nurse that she knew exactly how to make the move go real smooth "just giv'em all a high dose of Adavan".

Ms. Sacknoff had no desire, nor the skill set to deal with those entrusted to her. And, such poor bedside manners that she made anyone, and probable everyone she came in contact with very uncomfortable. As a social worker she should have been more SOCIAL, instead she worked hard at intimidation. She kind of reminded us of Ron know - that arrogant disposition.

In our opinion, she had no place in the position she held at Gracedale...and it's probably safe to say that she has no place in the position she holds today within County if need be - start with her Mr. Marcus, we're sure she won't be missed!

Possible County Lay-offs


  1. So true is this post!!! Had this "social worker" been dealt with correctly from the start there would have been no reason for the families of the Alzheimer residents to ban together and form the COAF. While were were treated poorly by this very unprofessional and inept person we are somewhat grateful too. The reason--The COAF has accomlished many good things for the residents of their county and Grecedale. Once again the adninistration failed to do their job correctly but this time it worked in the peoples favor. Praise the Lord!

  2. And, if COAF never formed, Gracedale may very well be a for profit entity right now. So, sometimes wonderful things to grow out of terrible troubles.

  3. The very, very sad fact is these layoffs are not necessary. Mr. Stoffa has squandered money on his inept handling of the swaption, his buying an unnecessary warehouse in forks Twp. and needless lawsuits amd fees in his attemprt to dump Gracedale. Now in the Express Times, Mr. Marcus(the clueless), has the gall to say becasue of cost overruns at Gracedale they can't afford to keep these positions.

    How long must we tolerate these outright lies aimed at Gracedale by the Stoffa Adminstration. When will someone, anyone on county council take issue with this nonsense.

    Stoffa claims he needs $340,000 to keep the jopbs and they don't want to "burde"n the county with spending that money in county dollars. First that is not entirly true. Second, look at all the othe areas he has been willing to "waste" this money for years. There is no question the state budgetr is tough, but it had an increase in it for nursing homes. Nothing form Stoffa on that, just blame. Also other Adminstrations had to deal with this without wholesale layoffs in human services. Stoffa has already outsourced mental health service, something he condemned Reibman for trying to do.

    Stoffa and Marcus are doing this becasue it is their choice to do it. For years Stoffa funneled millions of dollars into some humasn serives programs he liked. He is spending some big dollars in a few parks.

    Wre are the priorities Mr. Stoffa? This latest scam on the part of Stoffa and Marcus is shameful. And just like the Gracedale scam it will result in vulnerable people being hurt, just so John Stoffa can be vindictive again.

    When is enough enough? When will County Council finally call this fraud Ross Marcus on his nonsensical claims?

  4. Stoffa and Marcus covered for this social worker,including her own supervisor.
    It seems that what really goes around, comes back to bite you in the rear. The TRUTH always wins out.
    I, however, thank the the ones who covered,for it will make Gracedale regain its CLEAN and HONEST name.
    If they had done their job from the beginning instead of trying to protect someone who was not efficient and treated families like crap, there would have been no COAF.
    Therefore, thanks to the social worker who they all tried to protect.

  5. Yes, I agree. Ilisa Sacknoff is now hurting other with disabilities. We MUST do what we can to help those too. Shall we commence our own investigation?

  6. Does anyone know who Ann Kline is and what position she holds ?

  7. Stoffa and Marcus should INVESTIGATE the person they PROMOTED who probably even received a raise for treating people like dirt.
    If they do not start checking, then perhaps the public or interested taxpayers can begin to LEARN the truth about this woman.
    COAF was correct when they were involved. Who knows now,perhaps NOTHING HAS CHANGED,and history is repeating itself?
    Shame on Stoffa and Marcus for perhaps bringing harm to those "WHO CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES."

  8. Can Marcus be the first layoff. Based on past performance, he seems to be the person needed the least by the Department.

  9. Ann Kline is an administrator in the Administrative Entity as well as Ilisa's boss in Developmental Programs.

    I'm sure DP staff and consumers can provide further insight to the chaos!