Friday, July 6, 2012

A Transforming Northampton County

ron angle at groundbreaking, horizontalFirst, let us begin this post by recognizing that for the first time in recent history, and memory...we have begun to heal the wounds caused by the ousted Councilman Ron Angle, in collusion of course with sitting County Executive John Stoffa.

And while we still must deal with the less than trustworthy Mr. is safe to say that we are in the process of rebuilding the bridges destroyed by their greed.

They both enlisted the help of the
less than reputable or honest, Bernard O'Hare III, who sells his intimidation techniques to the highest political bidder with no remorse for his evil actions, aimed at destroying the target(s) of his benefactors, regardless of their innocence.

The spiraling out of control O'Hare, who was condemn as a liar by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for his sinister treatment of his clients while practicing law...and who as a result likewise lost his license and privilege to practice law in the great State of Pennsylvania.  He could never envisioned what was to come...We The People.

Ironically...Bernie has also lost his browbeating, hectoring, and bullying powers when he met COAF. They had a paralyzing effect on him, much like raid has on a cockroach.

O'Hare, Stoffa, and Angle were all affected by COAF, in the same way that a police officer affects a criminal. Thank goodness for our dedicated police, and for COAF - protectors of our widows and orphans.

These three men have done more to harm Northampton County than any other 300 combined...but, enough said about these culprits.

The most important factor at the moment is the reality that we now have a governing body prepared as demonstrated by their actions, to commence the rebuilding of bridges process that will re-establish the trust, and the relationship between - the governing body and it's people. 

Amazing - in less than a year, the bi-partisan five transformed into the magnificent seven...and we can't really ask for more than that...until election time of course.

You, "The Magnificent Seven"  have earned - We The Peoples seal of approval.

Yes - GREAT JOB - all evidence indicates that we, together, are finally on our way.

May God continue to Bless your efforts!


  1. So happy. O'Hare is on his hate blog allowing anti-union and anti-Gracedale hate remarks. Of course he is deleting any comments that take an opposing postion, claiming they are "off topic", that is his new favortie way to censor.

    He is really protecting John Callahan now that he is backing him for executive. He heard that Callahan is no friend to unions and that is all he had to hear.

    Even Sal has taken a backseat to O'Hare's new mancrush.

    Just think, a year ago he was telling us how terrible Callahan was and now he is promoting him for Executive.

    No more Stoffa's.

  2. Callahan cannot be that stupid as to have O'Hare as even a friend if he has higher political aspirations.

  3. "He heard that Callahan is no friend to unions and that is all he had to hear"

    you really gotta stop making things up

  4. O'Hare is a spiteful hating piece of garbage who has built his own gallows. Isnt it ironic that all of his hatred comes back to haunt him? COAF is one example, and the NIZ is another. Of course Angle being ousted from council is the ultimate reward. O'Hares undercurrent rage on society is proving to be his only wasteful lifeline, which, in turn, adds another brick to his gallow.

  5. Also, I doubt Mr. Callhan wants O'Hares support. Everyone can see the forrest through the trees with this one. O'Hare needs another lifeline to continue his destructive and hateful malice that he lives on. If Callahan does win the Exec race, that will be O'Hares next obsessive target of criticism and hate. Obviously a serpent seeks its own dinner. He's planning a new victim, and Callahan is the perfect target.

    1. If Callahan knows what good for his future he will disassociate himself with ohare promptly.

      Does anyone know if lamont is running for CE? Thats who COAF should support.

  6. No one is fooled. The fact is the Callahan clan has reached out and met with O'Hare. O'Hare is now deleting any and all comments that even mention Callahan's name, unless it is in a fawning loving way. We all saw that throughtout the Angle and Stoffa years. The proof is before our eyes. The unions in Bethlehem are no friend of Callahan. There is a post Bernie prouidly allows to stand, braggung about how many jobs Callahan cut. He even closed a fire staion but allows his business buddies to build what they want with taxpayer help.

    We have been fooled before, never again. Bernie has two people he wants Sal, who isn't riunning and Callahan who has made some promises.

    Thanks but no thanks. Any democrat that votes for Callahan is nuts and would be better off wrting in Stoffa's name.

  7. Lamont would not beat Callahan county wide. He has never run county wide and barely wins his district that is very democratic. I support Ron Hekcman and would encourage him to run. He has run county wide and has been elected easily. He is honest and knowledgable and makes no secret of the fact he beleives Gracedale is part of the countys core responsibilities.

    I only hope he decides to run.

  8. Apparently the Callahan clan has already planned a smear campaifgn agaisnt Ron. O'Hare will participate. We will see.

  9. Can someone explain to me, what it is about this Ron Heckman that O'Hare, Callahan and others hate so much. I met him during the Gracedale debates and he seemd to be very knowledgable and was courteous and very polite in patiently listening to my concerns and answring some questions I had.

    He was the kind of guy I though Stoffa was, when I voted for Stoffa. What is the problem these people have with him? Is there some history I am unaware of?

  10. Maybe becasue he has not kissed any of the aforementioned ass. I've talked to Ron and he clearly loves Northamton County. His family is deeply rooted in the county. It is not a politcal pit stop on the way to another offcie, or an ego thing, he told me he just wants to contribute to a better county.

    Ever since he was on county council, he cared more about the county than even his own political party. That may be why the "Dem leadersd have never really embraced him.

    He admits making mistakes but says if you learn form them, you grow.

    I just think the guy is too politically independent for the powers behind the curtain to feel comfortable about.

  11. Remember people that O'Hare knows that Heckman said he thought Lamont did a good job of bringing up important questions while the rest of county council was rushing toward a sale.

    Because Ron complimented Lamont, he is on O'Hares garbage list.