Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Angle After...

...Tricia Mezzacappa.

Ron Angle supposedly asked Bernie O'Hare to speak at a Republican meeting , it appears the topic was - Republicans who don't support Republicans.

Under normal circumstances we would not consider writing a post about O'Hare vs. Mezzacappa, but these are not normal circumstances.

Consider that Republican Ron Angle feels its not okay for a Republican to support a Democrat, although it was okay for him, a Republican, to support John Stoffa, a Democrat. And wait a minute - didn't County Executive John Stoffa support Ron Angle during the Sell Gracedale saga? And now Ronny boy is bashing Ms. Mezzacappa for not supporting him over Scott Parsons? (Whom by the way, even O'Hare is impressed with.)

Well, wouldn't it be correct to say that by inviting a Democrat (O'Hare ) to a Republican meeting to support his (Angles) position about Republicans not supporting Republicans...that Angle is he saying it's okay for a Democrat to support a Republican - but, it's not okay for a Republican to support a Democrat?

Wush...Yes - our heads were dizzied by this thought too.

In plain and simple language, this sounds like...

As We The People see it, there are times when the R's will see eye to eye with the D's, and when that occurs, it's okay to agree...that's usually when we see our government at it's best - being productive serving the People as intended...

...Wouldn't you agree?


  1. I would agree. Its time for the grandstanding duo to face the same exact torture they have inflicted upon the masses. They both need to be thrown off of their committee seats, for the recent antic that happenned last week.

    Since O'Hare is braying on and on that I should not have a LTC, because he's afraid of getting shot, ist it a little off-kilter to throw oneself in the direct path of the person you claim is an armed psycho who shouldnt have a gun?

    If he actually thinks I am an armed psycho who is dangerous to evryone in the same room with me, (which he told every single member of the Executive Committtee) than doesnt it seem a little deranged to be provoking me, and putting yourself in my direct path, over and over and over?

    Since I fear for my life where ever O'Hare meets public domain, I stay home. Looks like I'll be planting a garden too. I think the DA has every single reason to press charges against this unstable and frightening stalker who refuses to take no for an answer.

    The dynamic duo assembled their mock trial in Wilson, not to have it taken seriously (because it wont be) but to amuse and indulge their sick minds and bully a woman who just wants to be left alone.

    Can you imagine the terror he must have inflicted against his ex-wife for rejecting him? Or his ex-girlfriend (Dat's grandmother)? Or maybe he left them alone, because of of some unmentioned skeletons in his closet.

    The truth will always prevail, and when it does, I'm hosting a First Amendment party.

  2. Well, O'Hare is in full censor and delete mode so there is no point in trying to reason with him on his blog. As to this problem with the Republcans it is indeed laughable. Old John Stoffa was helped more by the Republican hierarchy than by any Democrats. So I would think that if they want to lose what little credibility they have even with some other Republicans like myself, the Party leaders will cave into the crazed ramblings of Amngle and O'Hare. In fact the Republican Party should thank Scott Parsons for winning as Ron Angle was destroying any credibility we had in Northamton County.

    It sickens me that my Party feels the need to kneel to these two individuals.

  3. Word on the street is, Why did Angle skip the Slate Belt Republican Party meeting, yet go to the Northampton County meeting, Angle is yesterdays news in the solate belt. bo has gone to the Northampton County sheriff that the COAF was a threat to him Twice and the COAF was a threat to john stoffa once.

  4. How can Angle ask anone to speak when he is NOT ON THE BOARD. It makes one wounder, remember Angles famous words. Shutup, we do not want to hear you. IS M.I.A. going to show at counsel meeting Thursday?

  5. Angle is on the Executive Committee. He is an area chair, which puts one on that Committee. I am an area vice chair, so, I am not, but still attend the meetings.

    Obviously O'Hare knows his case in Northampton County Court for defamation against me is going nowhere fast.

    So he has to resort to imbecile tactics as always to grandstand. I think its a tic tac thing.

  6. O'Hater is making an ass of himself on his hate blog. He is trying to litigate his hate case on his blog. Now he feels anyone who takes medication should not be allowed to own a gun. This is a guy who is an alcoholic and he is lecturing people about mental illness. He has deleted the posts taking his archaic views on mental and emotional heatllh to task.

    As to Ron Angle, word I hear is that he is considering a run for county council at large next year. Apparently this is part of the deal that he and O'Hare are working with the Callahan folks. Not sure why the Republcans are working this deal but as a Republican, I am disgusted by my Party leadership or rather the lack of leadership.

    They made asses of themselves after a great win four years ago. Then they decide to try and dump Gracedale. It will be a miracle if one Republican wins in the county next year. This is what you get when you let our Party be run by Angele/O'Hare and Stoffa.

  7. " Apparently this is part of the deal that he and O'Hare are working with the Callahan folks"

    you guys just make this stuff up, don't you? there is no angle/callahan deal. angle dislikes callahan.

  8. I thought I saw candidate angle post cards stating he was was endorsed by stoffa, is this correct? Wasn't there one post card with a personal letter from stoffa telling voter's to vote for angle? Wasn't this paid for by angle re-election committee? What is this game he is playing?

  9. "Apparently this is part of the deal that he and O'Hare are working with the Callahan folks"

    do you just make this stuff up? because it's both funny, and untrue

  10. Can you seriously deny that the Callahan gang has had "discussions" with Bernie O'Hare? That is an established fact. It has been proved. Please, we learned the tricks of the trade with Stoffa. We do not wish to be fooled again, Bernie!

  11. you allege that someone cut a deal with Callahan regarding Angle running for council.

    what kind of deal, and how could this possibly benefit Callahan? Angle hates him.

  12. WE all know that Angle does not hate Callahan. We also know that the Callahan clan is in communication with Angle, Stoffa and O'Hare. Please, you guys may own the city but you know squat about the county, we know all!