Monday, July 2, 2012

Duty To DIE!!!

Yes - ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, that is the new buzz word of the year. Slowly but surely County Executive John Stoffa is destroying Gracedale, and then it will be the County.

Stoffa's desire to dismantle the Gracedale Wound Care Team makes it quite apparent that he believes in "DUTY TO DIE", and that is among the first steps to kill off our elderly population.

"When Richard Lamm made the statement that old people have a duty to die, it was generally shouted down or ridiculed. The whole idea is just too preposterous to entertain. Or too threatening. In fact, a fairly common argument against legalizing physician-assisted suicide is that if it were legal, some people might somehow get the idea that they have a duty to die. These people could only be the victims of twisted moral reasoning or vicious social pressure. It goes without saying that there is no duty to die."

By desolving this very important team of health care professionals, we will surely be heading down the "Duty To Die" path. This is the path which presents the argument that a person’s life is no longer of any value - because in the eyes of some - they are no longer productive beings. Does it matter how productive you were all of your life...not to John. What's the answer? Well, if you put a bullet in their head...that would be outright murder - so we can't do that, right! But wait a minute, our County Executive John Stoffa just got a brilliant idea...let’s just not care for them at all...and surely they will die...problem solved!!!

Can we as civilized and moral People of these great United States of America allow or tolerate this horrendous act? Absolutely not!

We The People implore County Council to put a stop to this madness before anyone has to suffer the consequences of such lunacy.

Please introduce a resolution that will prevent Stoffa's "Duty To Die" mentality from becoming a reality.


  1. Every tactic which Stoffa has used-even after the direction given to him by his taxpaying voters-has been to satisfy his EGO and to hell with the elderly at Gracedale.
    Stoffa better pray,and pray hard, that he never ends up with severe dimentia or wounds and sores caused by diabetes for example in any nursing facility which does not have a wound team.
    For it will be at this time that he will realize how many people he made suffer or even worse.And from what I have seen with his general health, he certainly looks like he is on his way for one hell of a retirement which will always make him remember what fear and suffering he is bringing to our senior citizens.
    I hope he realizes that he too will one day pass through the BIG GATE.

  2. Our new County Council certainly must know how incredibly wrong and all the suffering it will bring to get rid of the wound care team for our elderly at Gracedale.
    Are they aware of all the deadly problems associated with the removal of this approach to WOUND CARE?

  3. Stoffa will make Gracedale as sick as possible so the next executive, one of O'Hares boys, will have an excuse to say, "sorry I had to sell it".

    This will be the most important election in county history. Please don't be conned by the slick talk that's coming.

  4. The suffering of our elderly and perhaps even an early death will be on the hands of Dr. Stoffa.
    What in God's earth does he know about WOUNDS in a nursing facility when as an administrator he cannot even run the county with any degree of trust what so ever?Pilate tried to wash his hands of the blood of Jesus.2,000 years later, did it work?
    This, with or without the wound care problem,will be the lousy legacy forever of "Dr. Stoffa"and how and what he tried to do to the sick and elderly at Gracedale.

  5. Hey guys... The PA Budget ended up helping Gracedale. Check out my blog post. All of you at Save Gracedale have a happy 4th of July! The link to the post is here:

  6. Thsnk you too Eric.

  7. What excuse will Stoffa have now that funding has been improved for Nursing Homes? Spite and evil deeds will move him forward in attempting to undermine Gracedale.

  8. Word on the street is, Stoffa's health does not look good where will that leave him in the future? Can it be Gracedale?

  9. You reap what you sow,John.

  10. Can't wait for that place to be sold and this site gets dumped. This is nothing more than a union Blog site. I've yet to see what the union is prepared to do to help save Gracedale other than bash John and blame everything on him. This county has more issues to deal with than Gracedale and maybe sometimes these other issues are more important. Having said all this -Tell me what the union is willing to do to save the county money and prevent Gracedale from being sold and the county having to keep putting more money in it to keep it afloat.

  11. We just removed a post from the nonsensical ignoramus.

    Please stay off our blog.

  12. i don't care that you removed my post--that just tells me your afraid of the truth and i can't wait for Gracedale to be sold.

    1. We love you Bernie, but, truth be told - you are so misguided. Please stay off our blog or we will have to report your abuse. Thank you.