Thursday, June 28, 2012

Belligerent County Executive.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, taxpayers, and voters...we informed you in our previous post that our County Executive John Stoffa had been provided a copy of the letter that Mr. McNaulty presented to the County Controller Stephen Barron, which spoke against disbanding the Gracedale Wound Care Team. What we were not aware of was when Mr. Stoffa received his copy, and what he did with it. Unspeakable!

Well, disgracefully, John received his copy during the Finance Committee courtesy of the floor on June 20, 2012…and we say disgracefully because what took place is a disgrace. Controller Barron after reading the letter to the Committee went around and handed a copy to all present committee members, as well as to the media, and last to John Stoffa. When Mr. Barron approached John Stoffa, you can clearly hear Stoffa say in the video, “I don’t want it” – It appears that Mr. Barron did not hear the comment and placed the document in front of Stoffa and went back to the podium…and then the disgraceful act that his buddy failed to report, Stoffa took the document leaning forward…and threw it at Mr. Barron. The Controller realizing what had just happened is heard saying – okay…and bends down to pick up the document from the floor.

We are providing the link to the video so that anyone who believes that Stoffa is such a kind and gentle man can witness for themselves just who Stoffa actually is…his true colors are very visible in this belligerent display of misbehavior, especially by our ELECTED County Executive John Stoffa.
go 46:30 into the meeting:

When this type of behavior is exhibited, it becomes clearly and easy to see that John Stoffa has his own agenda when it comes to Gracedale. Any member of CC that can justify this childish act after witnessing it is probably a Stoffa puppet.

Mr. Gilbert went on to ask an interesting question – “why would I make a decision that would put me out of that job”…he was speaking about Premiere, the management team that is currently managing Gracedale. The best answer we can imagine is that the Conniver John Stoffa has tied his strings and is pulling them to his liking. But in all fairness to Premiere, whom to this point we believed was working in the best interest of Gracedale, it is possible that they are also being set up to fail, just like Gracedale itself under the management of Marvin "Skeeter" Granda – was set up to fail. Mr. Granda had many, many good cost cutting ideas which he was not  allowed to implement because our gentle conniving County Executive John Stoffa had tied his hands.

The truth has been exposed Skeeter :-)


  1. You are right, you will never read about this on the O'Hare hate blog. This childish action by John Stoffa is not only insulting to Controller Steve Barron but to all residents of the county.

    This has always been his style. If he doesn't get his way or you don't do exactly as he likes, he gets mad and pouts.

    Why do you think he could not keep some talented people in his Administration. He doesn't want people who think and tell the truth. Stoffa wants followers who will do nothing but follow orders.

    Why do you think he lost Mr. Heckman as Director of Human Services, when John Stoffa took office. We ended up with Ross Marcus who never did know much about Human Services and showed himself to be just a Stoffa and Angle puppet, not a person concerned about the resident of the county.

    I only hope Mr. Stoffa and crew do not do more harm in the year and a half he has left. Most wish he would resign but we know he won't. He is a trained bureaucrat that knows how to kill time and hang out while accomplishing little of value.

    I hope Gracedale survives. We must never be duped like this again. Next year is indeed the most important election in Northampton County history.

  2. I know who I'm supporting and it is no slick city mayor looking for another office. This election is to important to help career pols keep their jobs.

    I don't care what they say. If selling Gracedale will help them with money, we are back to square one. We all learned with Stoffa and others, some of these guys will say what they think you want to hear. Not again.

    This time it must be honesty and county knowledge so we don't get snowed. Come on Ron announce, please!

  3. Maybe he is seeing if there is support. Remember the Callahan clan has tons of money and has made all kinds of promises to people, just like Stoffa.

    Also they are a conceited camp that feel they are entitled and would no doubt so a hatchet job pon Ron and his family if he ran. Just ask some folks in Bethlehem, these are not nice people. They are known in city Hall as arrogant and nasty.

    Not a one of them has a clue about the county, just how to help their private sector buddies money.

    A Stoffa with money, not good.

  4. Agreed!
    Ron is able to bring HONESTY AND INTEGRITY back to NORCO.
    It is our civic duty to be rid of these slick politicians.
    Take a good and hard look at our VINDICTIVE and DISHONEST
    current exec! He is unable to work the common citizens who pay his salary.

  5. Sorry, the above should read "work with."

  6. I am afraid that John Stoffa will so harm Gracedale that it will be hard to save. Some of the potential candidates for county executove have no history with Gracedale or even know where it is and that worries me. They love the cities and that is abou it.

    Stoffa lied, so even if a candidate smiles and spends a million dollars saying he loves Gracedale can we trust him? Where were they when the fight was raging?

  7. Geez, how did Bernie miss this example of a government official misbehaving? Oh, it is his best friend forever John Stoffa

  8. O'Hare is on his blog pushing Callahan and Panto as county executive again. He just can't bring himself to even mention Ron Heckman's name. He hates the unions and the COAF so much that he hates Heckman who he knows is sympathetic to the unions and will save Gracedale not dump it.

    Bernie keeps making my point for me. The more I read, the less I would want to see Callahan or Panto as the Democratic nominee.

    He is also pushing Jay Finnegan from Hanover twp. as the Republican nominee for county executive. Just to jog your memory, Finnegan was Ron Angle's campaign manager in the past. The pieces all come together when it comes to the big sneaky snake O'Hare

  9. I believe that should be the "little" sneaky snake O'Hare. And yes I agree.'Hare has an agenda and that is why he has revered himself on Callahan. A year ago O'Hare claimed he was the worst official in the Valley and now he is backing him for County Executive. Things that make you go Hmmmm!

  10. Callahan should not be supported by your group for county executive. He will be the Trojan horse that destroys Gracedale. He will be the one to come in and sell Gracedale.

  11. Who would trust any candidate who hangs onto O'Hare as his pit bull?
    Callahan ought to choose his publicists carefully.