Monday, February 25, 2013

A letter to Bernie.

Good morning Bernie,

AKA - The Nonsensical Ignoramus 

We hope that when you read this letter you find yourself well.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you why refer to you as the Nonsensical Ignoramus.
We will start with Nonsensical - this word Bernie, comes from the word nonsense which is what we feel you mostly talk about. Your words generally speaking, are not meaningful and convey no intelligible ideas. As such, they are usually absurd and contrary to good sense.

Now, Ignoramus - This word is almost self explanatory Bernie, and comes from the word ignorant. As such, it means "an utterly ignorant person", which in our opinion, is what you are.

While we understand you are a person of at least average intelligence, it is our opinion that you are a Nonsensical Ignoramus because only a nonsensical ignoramus would throw away their life the way you did, and continue to do today. And please do not feel that we are attempting to call you names as you do us Bernie, we're not! In our opinion, we're merely telling the truth about you as we know it.

You of all people Bernie, have the audacity to throw stones at us for standing up courageously to hold our elected official accountable for their actions, or lack of, when you slander those same officials (on any given day) depending of course, on who's side you're on that day.

Your loving friends - We love you Bernie!

Know this Bernie, we don't hate you, we feel sorry for you. If there is anything we can do to help re-direct your pitiful life in a direction of true meaning, please let us know...we will do what we can for you.

Sincerely, your friends



  1. Kind of disingenuous of you to sign the letter "your friends", not very friendly words and if you wanted to help my Uncle you would say those nasty words to his face.

    Connor O'hare.

    1. Bernie, we do care about you. You lead a terribly misguided life. Turn to us...we will help you.

  2. Is this really you Bernie, cause, Connor O'Hare sounds a lot like "Con Artist" O'Hare

  3. O'Hare has serious emotional problems. He wont admit he has a problem, therefore he cant be helped. He refuses to help himself, and instead acts out his undercurrent rage on society via his hate blog, and via his nonsensical in person hate tactics. He is a vile POS ready to implode...POP goes the weasel.

    His rage is directed at you and West Easton because of blogs he cannot control, and the truth that he detests. He malingers on society looking for his next meal tiicket, or even a scrap of attention from anyone who pays it to him....then he becomes their whore. Yes, he is a whore to the highest bidder, and to whomever consistently buys him his lunch.

    He refuses to be a productive member of society. He is a leech, and a disgusting one to boot. He looked horrible when he was fat, and worse being thinner. Really really disgusting...a pure sadist.

  4. Wow..I was going to comment but 9:38 hit it right on the head!!!!!! Good job whoever you are..This guy kicks seniors in wheelchairs when no one is looking..What can you expect from him.....