Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where Is The Justice?

Stoffa"s tax gift to the taxpayers
During the County Council meeting on Thursday February 7, 2013, we heard our Spokesperson present an excellent argument against the Stoffa-Gift-memo, which could only be the beginning of the end for County Executive John Stoffa.

In our honest effort to bring this shameful and disgraceful scandal (brought to Northampton County by John Stoffa) to an end, we have been demanding his resignation for a while now. But instead he has chosen to ignore our demands, arrogantly believing that we will simply go away.

BIG mistake John, listen to the points your pal Bernie made on his blog: "In Northampton County, the lynch mob has been a small collection of so-called Gracedale supporters, who actually first formed in an attempt to get an employee fired."
The employee he is referring to John is Ilisa Sacknoff, who instead of being terminated for her abuse of resident(s) and family members as reported and documented by thirty four resident families during meetings with Gracedale management, you placed her in another department were she could continue her reign of terror on other families. She's the one John who told us all (regarding our loved one) "we had no choice", remember that John? And as we understand it, you promoted her several times since. Her wrong doings will certainly be dealt with in the future, at the appropriate time by someone other than you.

What COAF can't understand is why you would terminate the services of two employees (whom we understand may have been re-instated)  for an email issue (which you also allowed to continue for a year), yet a real undesirable employee like Ilisa Sacknoff is not terminated, but promoted!

He goes on to say:
"They are not County employees or union members."
No...We're honest taxpayers and law-abiding good citizens who have chosen to stand up and be counted for what We The People believe is a worthy cause...Gracedale!  

Here is the home run point John:
"With one possible exception, their Gracedale family members have passed on."
We would like to thank Bernie for this excellent point, intended especially for you John, because it clearly illustrates what we said from the very beginning; we're not going away! We will protect Gracedale and the taxpayers with the last breath of our decaying bodies, or until someone brings harm to us as is being threatened on Bernie's blog. Yes, we are being threaten with physical harm!

Well John, you still have an opportunity to pay attention, or you will have to pay the price for your arrogant actions.

Make no further mistakes about it John. While some may not view what you did - diverting tax dollars to benefit your own desire (as well as benefiting two private citizen in litigation against the very taxpayers),  we believe that we can make a case - that by intentionally misusing tax dollars you did-in-fact commit a crime. If we're right...the consequences can be very serious John...Call Justice Joan Orie Melvin and ask her how her arrogance is working out for her.

Joan Orie Melin Trial Link

Please pay close attention John - Read our lips if you must...
Resign NOW!!!
Before it's too late.


  1. Word on the street is, not in Northampton county.

  2. Word on the street is, There once was a crooked man, who had a crooked stick, who walked a crooked mile. Is it Stoffa, O Harie, Angle. You tell me.

    1. I would say all three!

  3. Word on the street 9is, is it time to go to the sherriff with this threat? We will need to be escorted in and out of the Court House. The COAF is scared. Yes and i have a bridge for sale, good view.

  4. BO has not only allowed threats against the Rev. and COAF but has encouraged a culture of hate on his hate blog. We all know how unstable O'Hare is so be careful Reverand. Just read his posts and the nut jobs that spew their viloent hate.

  5. Dear Folks, I had a conversation with a member of the Shriffs dept recently, because I too needed an escort to the prothonatory so that I would not be interrupted and cut off by O'Hare.

    Now, since O'Hare has a pending TRO, he is sending Angle, in his place, to follow me into the courthouse. This happenned once so far and the Sherriffs are aware and investigating. They are taking my fear very seriously and have all acted with great professionalism.

    If you fear an O'Hare attack, please do let the SHrriff's know what a dangerous bully he is, and the threats he is making. The sherriffs know that I fear for my safety and make sure that I get to and from my places of business quickly and safely.

    They have been a very helpful bunch. Please reach out to them. The O'Hare terror team is soon coming to and end, I hear.

  6. what to make of O'hare's recent step of comment moderation on his blog? Could it be that he is trying to insulate himself from his band of defamatory trolls? Blog mentor, mission acommplished1

  7. O'Hare is not allowung any posts that contradict his lies. he pretends it is to prevent spaming but all know he only allows comments that make he an dhis cronies look good.

    I have been told he will target any candidates the COAF helps in the upcomimng elections. His goal is to see them go down to prove the COAF is finsihed.

  8. re the topic of this post:

    Stoffa resign....what then? what's your end game.

    with the minimal time left in his tenure, I'm not sure the end justifies the expenditure of your resoucres. Why not focus on council instead? have them re-open the budget, and remove every cent of Stoffa's discretionary spend, and put it in their contingency. Stoffa will be required to seek their approval on every issue. you will effectively cripple him

  9. Word on the street is, seems any candidate the COAF backs wins. I wonder why? every candidate o harie backs losses, Angle for one. Has anyone noticed that?

    1. Bernies track record , life 0, job 0. living 0, backing Stoffa 0.; Seems everything he touches is 0. Now he is backing Stoffa and Callahan from Bethlem what are there chances 0.