Monday, February 18, 2013

Lamont McClure For County Executive!!!

We've been waiting and hoping that Lamont McClure would make a run for County Executive - He announced today that he is throwing his hat into the ring, not because he's looking for, or is in need of a job, but because he cares about the folks of Northampton County.

We The People  believe Him. Mr. McClure spoke honestly and sincerely from his heart without a prepared speech in his hands. He promised never to go back on his word or his promises. He also vowed to continue to serve the people as the County Executive, as he has over the last seven years as a Councilman.

COAF humbly stands up to support Mr. McClure because  regardless of how hot it ever got in the kitchen, we know he always stood up firmly for Gracedale. On many more that one occasion he was the only elected official to do so.

Ironically, it seems today that everyone wants to jump on the Gracedale bandwagon, but Lamont McClure  has been driving the bandwagon from day one. He's not just saying I care about Gracedale to get elected, no...he's been fighting alongside of us all along.

John Callahan is a nice gentleman, who by his own admission during his announcement speech at Gracedale acknowledged that he did not feel that Gracedale was his problem as mayor of Bethlehem - We understand that, and that's why we can't support him.

Glenn Reibman is a Gracedale supporter, and we thank him for that. We want him to know that if Lamont did not throw his hat in the ring, we would stand with him for sure. However, we can only support one...and to his credit, Lamont's loyalty to Gracedale and to We The People has not been match by anyone else.

Our involvement with Gracedale over the last several years has made us most knowledgeable about the matter, and that is why we are asking everyone in the County to also show their support by voting for:
Lamont McClure
Our next County Executive


  1. Did Lamont or Glenn sign the Loyalty Oath, too? Just in case and just sayin'.

    1. Lamont signed it in his blood! RU kidding! Lamont has always been there for Gracedale. We know he will never abandon Gracedale.

  2. McClure will lose to John Callahan.

  3. McClure and Reibman will split votes, therefore Callahan wins. One of the two should take their names out.

  4. LVR has some excellent coverage of the announcement although his bias against Lamont is a bit over the top it's good to see him covering this race in such depth.

  5. Word on the street is, where was Callahan when the Gracedale issue was taking place? Hidding under a rock? Where were all his supporters at his press comference? What help will he get from the trades union? Fireman? The people in city where he raised taxes? Not my choice for County Executive. He needs the support of
    gracedale to win will he get it no, will he get the support of COAF no.

  6. We removed two comments this morning from BO. We will not allow his comments unless he allows ours. Stay off our blog!!!

  7. Just removed another two from BO. Stay off our blog.

  8. Callahan's right hand man, Shamus, is on the O'Hare hate blog going after both McClure and Reibman. I guess Callahan thinks he can use the public versus private strategy Stoffa used. Shamus is doing more harm than good for his boy Callahan.

  9. I hope Lamont will guarantee that a bed is waiting for BO at Gracedale. BO is going to need it and he finally will get all the attention he needs.

  10. McClure is a good man who stands firm on the issues in which he believes.
    I saw his character and integrity in action as he faced an unbelieveable attack on Gracedale.
    In the beginning he was the lone voice helping to expose lies and misinformation .
    Now look,his words have rung true,and the lying adversaries have been exposed.
    THINK ABOUT THE "700"dollars or perhaps more.

  11. Word on the street is, McClore is the only one for CX. His help along with Barron proved true against all the lies. In the end Stoffas adminstration had to admit they were wrong about, taxes going up, money in reserve . Lamont stod fast and true on a lot of issues. What did we find out (HE WAS RIGHT). Look Who bo is with a person who wants a job. every one bo goes with loses why? Lamont is the best choice for COUNTY EXCITIVE he has our yote and the vote of our family.