Monday, February 4, 2013

Resign Now!!!

Are the taxpayers being unreasonable calling for County Executive John Stoffa's resignation? Fair question.

We The People don't believe they are. The tax payers are the folks who take their hard-earned money and give it to the government so that our government can function. Then we elect officials to manage our money properly. For the most part, our government does a fair job, but there are cases that those we entrust our tax-dollars to, mismanage our funds. An audit can discover the mismanagement and make a correction to put the train back on track. Their are other cases (such as the current case in NorCo) where an elected official knowingly and intentionally uses tax-dollars for purposes the funds where not intended for (better known as misuse of tax-dollars).

Generally speaking, in cases where there is misuse of tax-dollars...consequences must exist. If not, then anyone desiring to misuse tax-dollars can do so without fear of getting caught, knowing that if they do get caught - no big deal because there are no consequences.

You then have promises made by our elected officials - like they will never lie, cheat or steal. If they do lie, cheat or steal and get caught, shouldn't there be any consequences? Yes, of course. Any reasonable person would say so. That can be illustrated by what we teach our own children. Do we teach our children that is okay to lie, cheat and steal? No, of course not. In fact, one of our greatest lessons to our posterity is: never lie.  As part of our lessons to our children dealing with deceptions, we punish them. As reasonable and civil parents the punishment should always fits the rebellious act.

To further illustrate our meaning - In the case of the County Executive's misuse of tax funds, County Council is the parent, and John Stoffa is the rebellious child. Understanding that Johnny was caught, first, using money that was not his for something the money was not intended for, and then when question he states "he did not do it". When presented with the evidence, he say's he'll pay it back (admitting his guilt) and then decides not to pay it back unless he can attached conditions, the question clearly becomes: Should Johnny be punished? And we suspect that any reasonable parent will say: yes, he should be?

Now lets look at it from a different perspective. County Executive John Stoffa allowed the termination of two employees for sending emails he deemed inappropriate. Would he allow an employee to misuse county tax dollars? And If the employee was discovered, would he allow the employee to lie. Well, if he would fire an employee for emails (which is a lesser act) then surly one would believe that he would not allow an employee who commits a greater act (misuse of tax funds or lying) to get away with it. Does this all make sense? We think it does! So why should it be any different when it's the boss who get's caught? It's not different.

There is no alternative...
...County Executive John Stoffa MUST Resign now!!!

This is not about The People wanting something they can't have. This is about all parties involve doing what they teach their own child to do - the right thing...all the time.

Read about another corruption case relating to the misuse of tax dollars by: Judge Joan Orie Melvin


  1. Whether you are right or wrong on this, it's just not going to happen..You need to focus on the next executive and Council and get off the Stoffa resignation issue..It's just not going to happen..You guys have done a great service by helping to Save Gracedale. Thank God..Yopu have also done a great service helping to remove Angle and Dowd from Council...But we have good folks on council now and we should work to get a solid council and a County executive who supports your cause..Don't lose your focus on a cause that's jsut a waste of your time and energy...Even if the new councilmen supported you on this , you'd still not have the support of council to push this..Even if you did, by the time you had a result, Stoffa would be gone..Put that issue in God's hands and get focused on the upcoming elections...Let's keep the future of Gracedale as the number one priority and leave the rest to God or fate...Otherwise, you are spitting at windmills..

  2. Agreed! But it is Council's responsibility to keep our Exec honest.
    What message are they sending to the children of all ages who preside in NORCO?

  3. 11:39 I hear what you are saying, and know that those who have worked so hard to accomplish what they have are not going to lose focus. The election is one thing and Stoffa is another. If stoffa is allowed to skate on this, that will tell the next executive that he or she can do whatever they would like to, and that is not the message they should receive. And while it is true that we have some good people on council, we have to question just how good they are if they refuse to deal with this issue. Press on!

  4. Again. this issue is one that wont be solved anytime soon..Even if you got support of the four democrats, i doubt that you could get one Republican to agree..Why chastize Werner and Parsons for not going here when even if they did, it would mean little..They are friends who replced those who weren't . They won't be with you on every issue but certainly will be there on most relating to the future of Gracedale..They were smart enough to postpone that Human Services vote ( and hopefully they will do it again) to see what the real cost is here and whether there are better options..That vote can impact Gracedale..In the near future, there is not going to be much Human Service money to go around..If they spend millions on this building, then what is left for Gracedale..Harassing Stoffa for the rest of his term might be fun for some, but it isnt very productive otherwise.

  5. You are so right. However, we must look to the future as well. O'Hare and his hate blog buddies are trying to stack the deck in the county political races.

    Please help get good people elected, since he and his handlers will be attacking them.

  6. Wow! Check out O'Hares hate blog. he is so into Callahan he is even going after his old pal Sal Panto. Sal mentioned how "biased" O'Hare scomments could be and O'Hare once agian predictibly went nuts.

    Callahan raised almost $200,000 and of course none of it was from anyone expecting something. At leat accordi9ng to O'Hare.

    Of course O'Hare attacks Lamont McClure for raising much less.