Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Are Proud Americans...

...Who unlike the CORRUPT of the County, believe in the laws of the land.

The nonsensical ignoramus wrote:

"Unfortunately, local government too often cowers before a lynch mob, whether it is a Chattanooga mob with guns or a fake preacher who wants to hang the County Executive, despite repeated court rulings against him."

To make sense of this statement one must first consider the source, and then understand the source always twist's the truth.

The actual truth is: Mr. Stoffa misused tax-dollars, which as we understand it, is illegal to do. And, there are no "court rulings against him"

Mr. Stoffa, as an elected public official is being held accountable by the very People who elected him. That is Constitutionally correct. That's Democracy!

Planning Stoffa-Gate
To his point about local government cowering, in the case of Stoffa-Gate, local government may be cowering, but certainly not for fear of the people, apparently for fear of Mr. Stoffa, who to this date does whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to, without any checks or balances from local government.

We The People are not flexing-our-muscles in an attempt to hang anyone, we are merely exercising our Constitutional rights to correct a wrong.
God Bless America


  1. Dear Friends,

    I need your support. Tomorrow morning at 9 am I will be walking into motions court with my motion to dismiss O'Hare's libel claim. I am hoping some of you, (time providing) will show your solidarity by sitting with me in the courtroom.

    I put this on facebook. If the Lord is with me, there will be a line wrapping around the courthouse rotunda, and a cop out front directing traffic. Please, if you have the ability join me in the courtroom ...just ask for motions court when you arrive. They will tell you which room its in.

  2. Solidarity in what sense? I don't understand what you are asking?

  3. Have to work Tricia..Wish I could be there..Wish you the best..Ohare rips people to shred on his blog and yet cries when he is critisized..Good luck..

  4. We need to be at work tomorrow. We need to blast Callahan back into the stone ages. He thinks he is going to show up at Gracedale and just waltz right in. I for one won't stand for it. I might take my break at that time, so I can be there in person. Towers 6!

  5. Gracedale "Goon"February 6, 2013 at 9:11 PM

    Tricia, you can bet I'll be there to see O'hater's disgraceful libel suit tossed out of court like a bag old moldy tangerines. The look on Sick O' and BO will be priceless, I'll be doing a victory dance when this happens.

  6. Question. Does anyone beleive Callahans promise on Gracedale? Do you really think we can trust the guy?

    I don't know, I mean Stoffa promised as well.