Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is It Possible..

...To have a county Council that works for The People?

We the People of Northampton County have done what some considered impossible when we engaged our local government to effect the necessary changes and keep Gracedale in the hands she belongs in.

In 2011 we elected three new Council members: Scott Parsons, Robert Werner, Ken Kraft, and one incumbent: Lamont McClure, to County Council.

While the three new councilman were supposed to assist the incumbent clean house, they seem to have fallen prey to the problem.

We're not attempting to be critical, in fact we still support our choices, we're simply stating it how we see it.  The three new councilmen all ran on a platform that they would hear, and most importantly, listen to the people of the county, but they force the questions - have they been hearing, and have they been listening?

The Stoffa-Gift Sacndal is not something that We the People  made up, no, John stoffa did it! It was going on well before the three new members sat for the first time as councilman, and they know that is true. 

When they ran they also promised to seek out the truth and shed light on it, but have they?

To the taxpayers of NorCo it appears not. It actually appears they have become part of the problem, leaving Lamont McClure to fend off wrongdoing on his own!

County Executive John Stoffa is a problem politician who feels like he can do whatever he wants to.  And you know when he's up to no-good because he starts out saying: "I don't know what we're going to do if we don't do this". In place of this you can put anything. For example: if we don't sell Gracedale, or if we don't build this building. He presents everything to be problems for him so that he can pushed things through in a hurry, hoping that no one will be the wiser.

Take notice that when Mr. Stoffa says: I don't know, that is a clear indicator that he really doesn't know what he's doing! What more clues do we need? We're not being mean-spirited, we're just telling the truth.

We can only  have high hopes the new five this year, and the new Executive, will all keep to their word. Otherwise, this will become an endless cycle of broken promises.


  1. Stoffa is the lowest. Why else would he team up with Angle and The Lazy Ignoramus? But Stoffa is just STARTING to get what he deserves. Hope he winds up rooming next to O'Hare at Gracedale.

  2. Beautiful and bears repeating,

    "Wow Bernie. Over the years folks have become familiar with your diehard propaganda for all things Stoffa but this is truly disgusting. You have now used babbies, staff, the mentally ill and veterans as reasons for a Stoffa building plan that will not enhance their servcies one bit. If anyhting it will drain precious resources.

    As to teh Wolf building, there is parking in the front for the handicapped, there could be more. SEcurity should always be there and Veterans affairs can be readily available right inside the door. Stoffa would rathe rtell his goofy stories than tell the truth. Were has Stoffa been on this for the past seven years? For the past seven years he has let asbestos, mold and falling ceilings threaten all those groups. But he cares!

    If you and he really, really care about the veterans, why make them wait over a year for our promised salvation? Seven years ago or next week, John stoffa could move Veteran Affairs to the Becthel Building, that has ample parking, disabled access all on one level. Since Stoffa sold off the Developmentally Disabled program there is more than enough room on the first floor for Vetrans Affairs.

    No chugging up hills, no waiting over a year for a "new building", everythig that could have been done years ago, could now be done within a month.

    That is if this were really about caring. It is not. Just as with Gracedale this is aobur John Stoffa shoving his ideas down the throats of people regardless of who is held hotage and how much they must suffer for his plans and legacy.

    He, and you once again carrying his water, are being really disgusting once agian. First our sick seniors and now babies and veterans. All pawns in the politics of Execuitve power. I would ask of you guys had any shame but we all know the answer to that.

    Servcie is not his building, service is something you provide regardless of your plan.
    You continue to ignore reality and all the resons why this is utter nonsense. There was a time you were the only game in town, now there are other ways to get information. Your propaganda machine isn't what it once was. This is all a sad sham. The county executive that has cut the most from Human Servies has been John Stoffa but pleae build him a building. That is why he could do nothing for all these folks for the past seven years.

    Your BS is really aging poorly."


  3. Would anyone be interested in a bloggers' truce? The time is long overdue. It is getting sickening. And no chips on your shoulders, either!

    If so, post your name on here and I will take note. Then I will be in contact with you, as I have all the bloggers' emails. But I need 100% commitment.

    1. WHAT are you talking about?

  4. Why ask this blo 4:16? One of the reasons this blog exists is because of the lies and distortions of the Stoffa Administration and the O'Hare hate blog. When people have tried to comment he would and still does delete and censor. He has used foul language to discuss the Reverand and all the good poeple of COAF. He calls the county employees goons and pukes.

    So Mr. mediator, again, why are you coming here? Why not the hate blog.

    I can't and won't speak for the Saving Private Gracedale blog authors but I would say you need to visit the grand wizard of hate over on LVR first. He is currently using children, seniors and veterans as pawns in the latest Stoffa plan for an unneeded big building that will end up causing funding problems everywhere.

    My two cents!

  5. BOH, in his rabid need to discredit anything to do with the Allentown arena, the NIZ and Allentown's Mayor, was always ready to trumpet Lehigh U. Professor Thode's "expert" (and paid) musings on how the NIZ was a disaster. Note, now, BOH's silence when Thode masterminds his silly daughter's lawsuit against Lehigh University over a C-plus grade (a lawsuit and trial held here in Northampton County). Must be because O'Hare's lawyer, Orloski, was Thode's losing attorney in this silly and frivolous lawsuit. Silly lawsuits are only news to BOH when they present an opportunity to trash and slime his enemies. The silence from the Hate Blog is deafening.

  6. parsons and Werner have listened and decided to, at least for the time being, put Stoffa's crazy building plans on hold..They are leap years better than the two council people they bounced out and at least they listen to what you have to say..They might not agree with your efforts to
    have Stoffa resign because it's not going to happen..Even if they joined McClure, you'd still be short votes..Otherwise , they've been with you on gracedale issues and thats what needs to matter...Protect Gracedale till the end of Stoffa's term and you'll be home free. That should include having this building vote postponed so needed monies for Gracedale wont be diverted to this unnecessary multimillion dollar project..

  7. Just removed a comment that From NI we suspect. Stay off our blog!

  8. Just know that during the Thode trial, Emil Giordano excused Orloski from his courtroom to sit in chambers with Judge Zito and me, to discuss my motion to dismiss the libel action. It was over in two minutes flat, and postponed to 2/26/13, where I will be heard seeking a restraining order against Bernard O'Hare III, and AND , AND

    Ron Angle, for witness intimidation.

    The Sheriff had to remove O'Hare from courtroom 4, because I refused to walk inside it with him there. No sooner was he escorted out, he returned and obstructed the door, just in time for me to walk in. Sheriff and police are aware.