Tuesday, February 5, 2013


...What is a Callaoffa?

It's what you probably get if you cross-bread John Callahan and John Stoffa, what a disturbing thought.
We the People have been forced to endure many a shady deal, and we've been lied to time and time again. By who you ask?  By the Stoffa administration. On January 30th We came across a very interesting article that illustrates (to us) just how similar John Callahan and John Stoffa are, and Callahan will be no different (or even an ounce better) than Stoffa has been. If  Callahan is elected to the county executive seat, it will be the same old manure.
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We feel this article expresses that Mayor John Callahan held a check for a developer. This act led to law suits, and then Callahan's  administration all suffered some sort of amnesia, un-able to "recall" who was supposed to cash the check. Reading the article you could close your eyes and almost imagine this being John Stoffa trying to hide the fact he was funding Angle and O'Hare's law suit to fight We the People.
And, was it just us, or did anyone else notice how Callahan strikes special deals, fails to turn in campaign finance reports when due, and Bernie O' Hare simply looks the other way, just like he does with the other John, you know - Stoffa.
We the People certainly expect much more from a county executive than what John Callahan has to offer.


  1. You folks have Callahan pegged. He is a more slippery Stoffa. He has no rules, just ask Bethlehem insiders, The guy does what he wants. He can't even make the city payroll without borrowing money.

    How fast before he tries to sell Gracdeale and outsources Human Servcies. Stoffa supports him. Why do you think Stoffa is getting support for his goofy building. Stoffa gets his name on it and Callahan uses it as an excuse to layoff human servies employees.

    Who needs $200,000 for a cpoutny executive race? Do you think all those guys that gave him money did it for his smile? The county is for sale and everytihng is on the block. Everything!!

    WE need new county council people.

  2. Tea Party FootsoldierFebruary 5, 2013 at 9:27 PM

    Why does O'hare cling like a barnacle to certain pols nether regions?

    1. word on the street is, callahans war chest is 114,709$ where is the rest, bo said 200,000$ bo cant count can he?

  3. Don't be fooled by Callahan announcing his run for exec at Gracedale. He is slick... Great article you have him pegged. Ask around you will find out more and more about John and his antics at Bethlehem City Hall.

  4. How does he get to announce at Gracedale and other candidates were not alloowed. Maybe John Stoffa is playing some games, like he usually does. If anyone believes this is anthing but a publicity stunt they are crazy. How stupid does Callahan take us for?

  5. Callahan is not liked by many city residents for his mismanagement of the city budget. He is known for packing city ocuncil with his yes men. He is planning to do the same in Northmapton County. He is claiming he will determine who gets elected and who doesn''t. he allegedly has a slate of candidates he wants elected.

  6. WORD ON THE STREET IS, is this a step to state politics? What does he know about county goverment? Just another feather in his hat. On the way up to?

  7. He wants to be at the state level. This is just a stepping stone and he doesn't give a darn about the ocunty. His promises are as empty as the Bethlehem treasury.