Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank's For Making The Point!

The latest  spectacle comes from none other than County Executive John Stoffa's right hand...and we all know who that is.
In the mist of Stoffa's admission of wrong doing last Thursday, when Stoffa stated during the County Council meeting that he will pay back the $700.00 he paid Eckerd Siemens (Misusing tax funds) to assist Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare III in their PRIVATE litigation against the tax payers of Northampton County. He now wants to back-peddle (sending as we understand it) an email to County Council which suggest that the $700.00 is a gift to the County, and he wants County Council to vote on it during next weeks council meeting  - Really!!!
First he say's it never happened. Then he say's okay you got me. Now he wants to backtrack because someone with legal knowledge told him - you know what you did when you said you would pay? admitted your guilt! Dude you better do something quick.
Ironically, his best friend these day's (Bernard Ohare) had this to say in an article attacking one of Stoffa's courthouse employees: "Justice is blind, they say, but in Pennsylvania, it appears to be deaf and dumb as well."
It is quite evident that's what they think about County Council as well, but boy are they in for a rude awakening. We could be wrong but, we don't think many members of Council will fall for this one? Hopefully we're not wrong.
And then he gracefully reminds us "we recently underwent the Kids-For-Cash scandal, in which two Luzerne County judges imprisoned children in exchange for bags of cash from privately-owned detention facilities.  Now, it's a 77-count indictment charging ticket-fixing against seven current and former Philadelphia traffic judges. In both cases, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court sat on its hands. One of its members, Justice Joan Orie Melvin, is herself on trial for forcing her state-paid employees to run her political campaign."
Yes, and in Norco he forgot to mention, there is "STOFFA-GATE".
Oh, by the way, we were watching WFMZ tonight and they predicted that a storm is coming. Yeah, that's right John...A storm is coming!
Hear Stoffa Admit his guilt.


  1. Disgusting! Time for county council to table the Human Servcies progaram killing, building plan and deal with reality. They have a flawed man in office and want to ignore that reality. If they can't handle his dishonesty, they should have the sense not to trust his judgement and not vote for any major projects for the rest of his term..

    It is time for Coutny Council to becvome a force once again in county governemnt. For the past for years they have been nothing but a part of John Stoffa's staff.

  2. Word on the street is, Rember John Conklin getting up at counsel and saying When he found out bo was filling a lawsuit he told Eckerd Semon to stop looking at signatures, who told them to keep going? Stoff said it was a hand off like in football but bo is not a county employee. Why were they helping him? And who footed the bill, the taxpayers, that was county money, not taxpayers money. Stoffa is the biggest discrase in NORTHAMPTON COUNTY. What a sorry excuse for a leader. Mickey Mouse could do better. Mickey Mouse for county excitive.

  3. If Council cannot see yet, I am afraid that they are never going to see it.
    They had better get tough with Stoffa's lying,or their own legacies will become a joke.
    It took Stoffa many days to figure out that the 700.(plus?),in his mind, was a gift.
    Is he joking? Watch the video for yourself and read the Controller's report.
    Stoffa is a poor excuse for a leader.No politics here;just character, integrity, and leadership.He lacks all 3 qualities.
    Besides, he does not know if he is a D,I,or R.

  4. Anyone notice that Bernie O'Hare has a new way of censoring comments. He allows anonymous comments but they do not appear until he releases them. He claims it is to stop getting spammed by Tricia M, but one has to wonder if O'Hare set the entire spam thing up himself.
    He is now censoring comments that are not spam but question some of his statements and tactics. Currently he is bashing Glenn Reibman and praising Callahan. He is also attacking Steve Barron and Ron Heckman again. O'Hare allows comments that attack but is stoping comments that offer the truth.

    Like Stoffa he lies so much he doesn't even realize it anyomre. I would not be surprised one bit if O'Hare made the entire spam nonsense up so he could better control comments on his poliitcal hate blog. This is what we will get four more years of with Callahan and his handpicked croonies.

  5. I think he did it to himself to concoct up another lawsuit for me, or a harassment complaint. My only anon comment among the spam was something the the effect, "Serve the ***&& complaint."

    Lovely that he is all over his blog accusing me of one crime after the next

    He is such a trainwreck, and careening off the rails, daily.