Sunday, February 24, 2013


Must we explain that children  normally mimic their parents actions!

Yesterday, February 23, 2013 - The Express Times ran a story which informed us that County Executive hopeful John Callahan was ejected from a Liberty HS AAA wrestling tournament.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, we must interject: if Mr. Callahan is excitable and abrasive in a public arena calm can we expect him to be in Chambers, or in office?

It was the ref's fault!
In our opinion, this example is a clear indicator of what is to come if Mr. Callahan is ejected...Gosh, we mean elected to the County Executive seat.

Parents that get ejected from these types of school activities are ejected to show the children that the behavior displayed by the parent is inexcusable, and will not be tolerated! So that the children can learn a lesson, which hopefully will remain with them for life.

The story outlines that on his way out he (Callahan)  "mentioned "rabbit ears" and wiggled his fingers on the side of his head. "Rabbit ears" refers to a referee who's distracted or swayed by coaches or fans instead of watching the action."

This is what concerns We The People. Why? Because it is the same childish behavior we all received from Ron Angle when he was in office.

Mr. Callahan goes on to excuse his behavior saying: “I voiced my displeasure I think in a very respectful way,” he said. “I think the referee was a little oversensitive."

Or, how about: you behaved like a jerk, and the referee did his job correctly!

Mr. Callahan is actually blaming the official for HIS (Callahan) childish behavior. What is horribly wrong here is that Mr. Callahan continues to be Mayor of Bethlehem. Is the Mayor of Bethlehem setting a really a good example for our youth? Who in today's world are killing students, teachers, coaches, and anyone else that gets in their way? And what about our community citizens who may say: if the Mayor can do it - so can I. We don't think so.

Mayor Callahan's behavior is part of our social problems today. Do we really need him setting any more childish examples, or displaying tantrums when he doesn't get his way in our house? NO...Don't open the door!!!

Vote for a true Leader:
  Lamont McClure 
our next County Executive
Keeping it real!


  1. WHERE WAS HIS BODY GARD THE STATE CONSTABLE THAT WAS WITH HIM AT GRACEDALE? HE NEEDED PROTECTION THERE, majority of people there were COAF members and his stooges, more COAF than stogges


    This isn't dirt! This just happened. If nothing else, Callahan is too stupid! How can someone looking for an elected position do such a stupid thing! Just an opinion.

  3. In my honest opinion, this is what happens to our elected leadership. There heads get so big that they forget who they are, and who they are always supposed to represent.

    This is what I call true colors, and for Callahan they came out at the wrong time! For us, they came out at the right time!

  4. Do you want know why good people don't run for public office? This is the reason. Callahan was an over zealous fan and nothing more. He did not degrade the ref nor did he become disorderly. Being booed as a ref is part of the territory. Our cheer used to be "one two three kill the referee,,,,,three two one kill the other one. The refs laughed we laughed and at the end of the night we went home both thinking our calls were right although the refs were the only ones that meant anything. So to all you "great sports fans" that have never booed a ref's call, I say simply....lighten up. Everyone booeod a ref at one time or another

  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am sure that for him to be physically removed there had to be more than simply booing a ref. My concern with this man is his history of not keeping his word. We all know what happened in Bethlehem to the firemen. do we want the same to happen to Gracedale? I think not.

  6. This is typical behavior for Mr. Callahan. Most people that are not dependent on him for money or part of his royal court have seen this behavior form him for years. People that first meet him often come away with the oipinion of him as arrogant, self-centered and prickish. He is not reagrded as a very warm or friendly person.

    If not for Don Cunningham, Mr. Callahan would have never been elected to anything. He has amassed a huge warchest by selling most of Bethelehem. He now wants the County.

    This incident while not the worst thing that could happend shows two things.

    One, he was thrown out which in and of itself is amazing and a poor example in front of young people. Two, his reaction is to mock the offciial and have his wife, O'Hare and his other camp followers bleame everyone else for his bad behavior. He cannot even own his behavior. He doesn't know how.

    He and his wife and her family see themselves as privledged and near royalty in bethlehem. His loyal camp followers comntinue to prop up his childish ego. Since he has never had to confront his bad behavior, he feels he should never be held accountable for his actions.

    Better McClure or Reibman, than this man. I am glad people have had an opportunity to see him for what he is. Better now than after the election.

  7. Johnny Casino left peacefully and did nothing out of the ordinary, thin skinned ref needs a german suplex from the buff handsome mayor.

  8. Did you noticed that that slime ball OHare or any of callahan's supporters didnt reference the morning Call article today which takes callahan to task for his pathetic behavior..Thin skin ref, really?? This guy isn't thin skinned..He's barely thrown anyone out in twenty two years..This behavior is the behavior of someone who thinks he's above the law..t' scary, actually..This is far from the first time this thing has happened with the mayor....It's just not good..NO EXCUSES.... All he should have said is I'm sorry and let the story die..But his friend OHairy, keeps it going by defending the behavior..I'd be worries about thiis guy becoming executive if only because bernie has a man crush on him and , just like with Stoffa, he'll excuse everything he does....

  9. If you live in Bethlehem you are well aware of the Mayors bad behavior. He and his gang have covered up things for years. The guy is bad news. He signed your pledge becasue he doesn't care. He will slowily bleed it to death if that is his wish. He needs you now and will use you just as he and his gang use many others.

    The more people outside of Bethlehem learn about this guy the more they don't care for him. The word I have heard the most is, "slimey".