Friday, February 8, 2013

Gift...What Gift?...

Why not just call it what it is - corruption.

On January 25, 2013, we wrote a post explaining to the County taxpayers that County Executive John Stoffa had finally admitted his guilt (Guilty-Guilty-Guilty). Thereafter, someone with legal knowledge like his solicitor (after reading our post) must of said: John are you crazy? They're right, agreeing to pay back the misused money in questions shows your guilt. So they went to work to do some damage control. You see, if John Stoffa is professionally investigated there is a possibility that  he may have to do more than pay back some money.

So they came up with this idea to present the $700.00 being paid back as a gift to the County. What??? A gift for what?

The Scheme - John Stoffa would have County Council vote on receiving the $700.00, but not as money he misused (which is what the $700.00 was all about), instead he wanted it to be seen a gift with no purpose. What a tangle web they weave!

Stoffa through his memo want's County Council and the taxpayers to believe that this matter has been resolved by the courts. Well, that just is not possible. We presented the fact that the information relating to the misused tax funds was not available to any one until December 6, 2012 (two months ago), so we made the point that no court has seen this evidence yet!

We through our spokesperson implored County Council to reject the gift offer, expressing that it was no gift. How can you take money from the taxpayers, misuse it, and when your caught, return it as a gift? What idiot would believe that?

Then Bruce Gilbert stated that he feels Stoffa shouldn't pay anything back. It seems he's okay with Stoffa's misuse of tax funds. It's a good thing for him he's not running for a second term.

We also expressed that John Stoffa has lied not only to COAF, but also to County Council, and most importantly to the taxpayers.

Our pleas to County Council where heard, and for various reasons they did what we asked, they rejected the gift memo, because it was no gift and they know it.

Bernie O'Hare lll, who has a history of wrong doing himself when he was an attorney, and who was disbarred for his wrong doing. And by the way, who benefitted from the misused money is now attempting to portray The People's protest of Stoffa's wrong doing as some sort witch hunt.

Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCo, there is no which hunt, only a quest for TRUTH and JUSTICE.

County Controller Stephen Barron presented the information he discovered about the misuse tax money to County Council on December 6 2012, because they asked him to look into the matter and report back to them, so he did just that.

We The People requested that County Council censure County Executive John Stoffa for lying, and further asked that County Council demand the Executives resignation for misusing tax dollars, and lying about that too.

We The People did not make those two request because we are on a witch hunt, but because it is the right thing for County Council to do in light of the new information presented by the Controller.

Sadly, this will not end here in our County where it should.

More to come on this...


  1. Word on the street is, read the commonets on L Y L on the net. "uncle remus' talkes like bo . What ever happened to 'dutch 8' they all sound alike makes one wounder does it not?

  2. As a taxpayer I am appalled at the conduct of Mr. Stoffa and his helpers. As you know, I am running for a seat on County Council. My number one goal will be to hold the County accountable to the taxpayers who support it.

    With God's good graces, I will have the stamina to acquire the 250 required signatures in the next three weeks. I am praying the weather is decent.

    My motion to dismiss the O'Hare libel case is rescheduled for Valentines Day at 9 am. My hearing to get a restraining order on O'Hare to cease and desist stalking, cyber stalking, witness intimidation is scheduled for the 26th, Courtroom 1.

    If I am successful in the TRO, O'Hare will not be allowed within 250 feet of me. I continue to fear for my safety as I see O'Hare cruising by my house in an abnormal fashion and throwing himself into my path while inside the courthouse. He threw himself into my path at the Norco GOP meeting over the summer, and then appeared at my summer hearing in the courtroom of Rich Yetter to goad me some more.

    I am so upset and panicked by O'Hare , feel that his behavior is escalating at a dangerous pace, feel that he is a danger to my life, well being and safety.

    I have taken extrodinary (and boy oh boy do I mean extrodinary) measures to ensure my own safety.

    I am truly concerned for the COAF as well, because O'Hare is referring to you in a very unflattering way, and displays his hatred at his 24/7 high voltage nuclear missle launching pad, LVR. The hate he spews from that site is downright frightening.

    If anyone is frightening by him, please call me or email me, and perhaps I can help to outfit you in some protective gear. You must stay safe. You must live and continue your mission.

  3. Tricia bo avoids the COAF, he is scared to get near us. quite the coward he is. Now he is after the Rev. good luck to bo.