Sunday, February 10, 2013

I will take...

...this opportunity to express my own thoughts and prayers for Mr. Stoffa.

I understand that he see's me as his enemy, but I am not! I am nothing more than a shepherd seeking the lost sheep, bringing them back to Jesus, and to the cross that bridges the gap between our fallen world and the heavenly Father.

My heart is filled with the Holy Spirit, and certainly with Jesus and the heavenly Father. There is no room for hate.

I have stood up to Mr. Stoffa, as well as others seeking justice, simply because it is my calling from God - To defend the cause of the needy and helpless, the widows and orphans. That's the will of God for me...and I obey.

Mr. Stoffa does not understand my motive(s), I can tell him that he never will until he meets Jesus  for himself, the way I did. I pray for him - that he does, so that our next hug will be genuine from both sides.

Mr. Stoffa must step down, he must resign, not because I or anyone else wants  him to, or say's so...but because he made a terrible mistake against the very people who trusted him. He abused his authority, and he misused our entrusted tax dollars, and...he deceived us in the process. It's not about being right Mr. Stoffa...but about doing right!

I don't know if Mr. Stoffa is a follower of Christ. I certainly hope he is, or that he comes to know him through my introduction, so that he may enjoy the same hope I enjoy in Christ Jesus.

I am praying also for a day soon, that we may be able to remove our armor of war, and bring peace together - to the County of Northampton. But sir - You must resign - because you did wrong. However, I am certain that every true Christian in the world will find it in their hearts to forgive you.

The moment of owning your wrongdoing with the possibility of remaining in office has passed. By continuing your deceitful ways you dug a hole too deep to climb out of. In order to commence the healing process for yourself and us, you must resign sir. While my armor is still on I have to inform you sir, if you force our hand you will only discover again...what you already know - we're not bluffing.

I want to forgive you, in-fact I have. But, My forgivenes does not resolve your wrongful actions in office. Only you can do that by taking real responsibility for your inappropriate decisions.

Please...don't make us do what we really don't want to do Mr. Stoffa.

Step down, turn to Jesus - turn you life and your soul over to Him, and begin to understand what today you cannot.

God bless you sir, all of Northampton County, and the world.




  1. RMM have you ever considered doing a monthly or weekly podcast about the issues surrounding the COAF and Gracedale? It would enlightening to say the least and you could open up a dialogue with guests on both sides of the aisle.

    1. No I have not.

      It is certainly an interesting idea that may help heal some of the wounds, and mend some broken relationships.

      I will give it some consideration.

      Thank you so much for your positive input and feedback.


  2. Take the high road Reverand, good for you.
    We all know which road Stoffa and O'Hare take. O'Hare is still censoring comments. Notice how he is letting known Callahan gang memebers "uncle remus" and "Seamus" spew their hate of Tricia and the COAF.

    That tells you a lot about these people.

    1. Uncle Remus sound like o harie read his posts like duch 8 that is no longer heartde from.

  3. I Live Here and Pay TaxesFebruary 10, 2013 at 8:23 PM

    The Easton newspaper just printed all of the city employees' earnings, every one of them. I was wondering, will the Borough of West Easton dare publish or make available their employees' earnings? Then we can really connect the dots and see how much Stoffa really put the Borough on the take with all of those buildings he wants to build. Inquiring minds want to know ...