Sunday, February 3, 2013

Near The End

I would like first and foremost to take this opportunity to thank Jesus for  delivering to us  last Thursday, the truth about County Executive John Stoffa.

I am asking all believers of Jesus Christ on this Sunday to pray for Mr. Stoffa.

Unfortunately, he caved-in to his desires for the material possessions of world, so much so, that it caused him to fail the very people who once trusted him.

I also ask that you pray for all on County Council who know that Mr. Stoffa has violated the trust of the people - which they too have taken an oath to serve. And they know that in addition to violating the trust of the people, Mr. Stoffa also violated the laws of the land. Pray that they can muster the courage to do the right thing, regardless of it's degree of difficulty.

Also pray that John Stoffa recognizes his human failing, and instead of continuing his defiance against the people, that he too can muster the strength he needs to do the right thing at this point in time...and step down.

By stepping down John will avoid forcing the people to seek a remedy to this matter at another level of government, which most certainly will bring unnecessary disgrace to our County.

Also pray for COAF and all their followers, that they can remain patient in the mist of this controversy.

I pray this too, in the glorious name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - Amen

Lastly, I thank the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families for bestowing upon me the honor of serving them and their followers as spokesperson for the group. Despite the persecution I have received for doing so, it has been a true privilege, and know that if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

As we near the end of this chapter in Norco and Gracedale history, let us remember that the tower watchmen must always remain vigilant, so that an era like the one we are preparing to end...never occurs again.



  1. Please, stay involved. the county needs the COAF. Gracedale and all of Human Services is in trouble. Stoffa will do what he can to create problems before he leaves. We know funding will get smaller. Word is, the next Executive may question if the five year ban on selling Gracedale will apply to him.
    Stay vigilant. Help elect good people.

  2. Thank you for bringing out the truth. It was a long and bumpy path, but all of you remained strong in the acquisition of THE TRUTH. ANd now we have it. Stoffa should pay the money back in public, apologize AND step down

  3. As I said in the comment on today's article..let's put that issue in God's hands and get on with stuff that is more important to the future of Gracedale, like voting in a Council and Executive that support your cause..Whether you are right or wrong on this issue, doesnt matter..Move on to more important issues which involve saving gracedale for future generations..

    1. In my opinion this issue is more important than the elections. If we allow elected officials to steal and lie at will then we deserve to get thieves and liars in office, very much like what we have now in stoffa. We must make it a point that any elected official who decides to break the rules will not be allowed to play.