Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making A difference...

...Is what COAF has always been about.

Easton, PA : Centre Square MonumentWhen we met Scott Parsons we believed that he too was about making a difference, as well as Robert Werner and Ken Kraft. That's  exactly why we supported them!

We already knew Lamont McClure, and we understood without  doubt who he is, and what he stands for, and most importantly who he represents.

We put our trust in these four people last year because we believed in them, and still do! The question is: do they remember their promises to us?

We don't desire to see them in a light that implies: "they just told us what we wanted to hear so that we would help them get elected". We still  want to believe that they stand for the people who trusted them...the People of Northampton County!!!

We would like them to publically tell us that we are wrong to seek justice. That John Stoffa was right, and performed his duties correctly when he used tax dollars against the taxpayers. Please stand up like the leaders you said you would be and tell us that it is okay to betray the trust of the taxpayers.

We're not trying to make you look bad - why would we support you and then do such a thing?

We want you to represent us! We don't care if there are not enough votes to carry a decision! we simply want to see, hear, and know that your words to us were not just political rhetoric.

We want to know that you  are different than John Stoffa.


  1. Agreed, they should at least be willing to vote to censure John Stoffa. That is th eleast they should do.

  2. I realize they can't force Stoffa to resign but they as a group CAN and SHOULD send a clear message to him that his actions were unacceptable and censure him. To use taxpayer money in the manner he did was illegal and immoral. Council should take their blinders aoff and earplugsd out. He admitted it. Barron told you Stuart admitted doing it. If you dig further it's much more than $700.00.. HE LIES TO EVERYONE---YOU ARE FOOLS TO BELIEVE HIM ????? OR WE FOOLS TO BELIEVE YOU???????

  3. You are beating a dead horse..Even if the new councilmen would vote to censure Stoffa as you ask you wouldnt have the enough votes to do anything...It's a waste of time..There are too many important issues on the table concerning gracedale that need attention..To divert time and energy to this pursuit of Stoffa being admonished or censured or whatever is you want is silly.. You might be right about what he did..If you think it's criminal you should be barking up the district attorney tree not the council tree...You might be right on this, but it's pretty much been litigated in the courts and the courts of public opinion..Stoffa is not going to resign and you are not going to be able to force out a publically elected official without anyone to prosecute the effort..

  4. There is no dreaming to do: a crime is a crime.
    Somebody has to make that clear to our YOUTH to see that justice is really there.

  5. Was the O'Hairy troll at the Press Conference today?

  6. I understand some one postewd on lVR, I do not read or post on that blog. JACK DALESSANDRO