Thursday, February 21, 2013

McClure Is The Right Choice...

...Because he does care!

Anyone who has been involved in local government as long as COAF has knows without a doubt that Lamont McClure truly cares about Northampton County.

To understand more about him you can visit

We will tell you there is no other Council member within the last five years who stood alone on the Gracedale matter - not one...We know it for certain because we witnessed it.

Speaking on the current Human Services building issue, it is being rumored on the other blog that:

"My guess is that Lamont McClure, Peg Ferraro and Bob Werner and Peg Ferraro will say No to this lease for the flimsiest of reasons - politics."

Really!!! Well we believe "politics" is why County Executive John Stoffa hasn't been censured!

Consider that our County Controller Stephen Barron was censured for much less. He didn't misusing tax dollars...Stoffa did! What did Controller Barron do? He misspoke. And that becomes a real shame when you understand that  no one criticized Chris Miller when he misspoke and called Gracedale a "RAT HOLE". Do you remember that? We do! It happened on October 7, 2010...look it up if you please.

The greatest attribute COAF has is our long term MEMORY.

The Nonsensical Ignoramus goes on to say:
"Werner wants services to remain in Easton, which is his District."

Well, we also have a problem with this one. What exactly is wrong with Bob Werner wanting to keep Human Services in Easton (where it already is), if there is a possibility that the services can remain there? And most importantly - why is it wrong for him to fight for that if he believes in it???

Then he attacks Peg Ferraro saying:
"Ferraro wants everything out at Gracedale, where she gets most of her votes."

picture of nonsensical  - Many colorful speech bubbles with the word Blah - JPG You know...each day the nonsensical ignoramus becomes more nonsensical.

Again we have to ask - what is wrong with Peg Ferraro wanting to serve her constituents? Isn't that what she is supposed to do? Of course it is!

His final attack of course is on Lamont McClure saying:
"And McClure, who wants to be the next Executive, is pretending he cares about the bottom line. He's willing to spend $7 million plus for a "moral obligation" at Gracedale, but not a dime for the vets."

Well, we believe that statement is the farthest thing from the truth, and when you consider the source, it can only be a mistruth.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, COAF has never presented mistruths to you. And we can inform you with certainty that Mr. McClure is not pretending when it comes to his love for our has been very apparent. He has demonstrated by his actions that he serves his community in an effort to effect positive changes in our part of the world.

Another out right lie is spending $7 million dollars on Gracedale...that's not happening and he knows it, which is why we're calling it what it is - A LIE!!! Recent County reports have Gracedale in the best financial position it has been in since Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare attempted to destroy Gracedale. And while it may be true that Mr. McClure has not served in our military, he is serving us in office, and he's doing a spectacular job. He will continue to serve the vets as he has been doing with the vets at Gracedale.

Don't Be Fooled By The FOOLS!!!
And don't forget to VOTE for our next County Executive...
Lamont McClure
Who keeps it real!


  1. We have removed several comments from this post today suspected to be BO, he won't allow us to post on his blog so we won't allow him on ours. If any post we removed today is not BO, please email us at, privately identify yourself to us and we will re-post your comments.

  2. You have been very upfront and honest with your reporting regarding the county. Gracedale was attacked with lies that people now can see were total untruths. This new building Sotffa wants, has nothing to do with helping all these people. If that were the case why has Stoffa waited seven years?

    Why has Stofffa allowed buildings to go bad? If the buildings are now "uninhabitable" why are people working there today and tomorrow? If Stoffa really cares about veterans in wheelchairs why hasn't he moved the offcie to the Bechtel building in Bethlehem it is all on one floor and is handicapped accessibile.

    We all know the anwswer to these questions, don't we? John Stoffa is a proven liar. He lied about Gracedale and he is lying now. He was willing to throw our elderly and sick to the wolves. Now he uses babies and disabled veterans as tools for his dreams of legacy. When has he cared about anyone but his own ego. We know he lied to COAF and he hasn't stopped. When will people on county council learn?

    O'Hare is pushing another Sto0ffa lie as he has in the past.

    I thank the COAF for your blog that gives the "real" side of the story andf not O'Hares paid for lies.

    Thank you from an old friend.