Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Is Misuse not Misuse?

In light of the self-evidence presented by none other than County Executive John Stoffa himself (which profoundly indicted him), as witnessed by all present during the January 24, 2013 County Council meeting, or those who witnessed-it through this blogWe The People must ask: where has America gone?

Really: Where are we headed as a civil People?

It certainly appears that we don't know what direction we're headed in because our moral compass has been intentionally destroyed by the evil self-serving John Stoffa.

Mr. Stoffa admitted his guilt when he agreed to pay the County back $700.00 to replace the tax funds We The People can prove he misused. Because he used (under his breath) the word blackmail does not acquit him, or relieve him from his guilt.

Point #1 - If the use of the word Blackmail by Mr. Stoffa is somehow accurate, then logically (and in-fact), it would mean that County Council has broken the law - In that scenario We The People would require and demand an investigation to discover and prosecute those on County Council who blackmailed Mr. Stoffa (we are all intelligent enough to know that's not the case).

Point #2 - Anyone and everyone who watched the event unfold during the meeting or on-line can be the judge - the verdict? Stoffa is GUILTY.

Point #3 - What sane person in control of all their senses goes into a meeting of record, feeling guilty admits his guilt, then wants to retract? Wait a minute...doesn't that remind us of what many criminals do in a court of law?

Point #4 - John Stoffa was real quick to point his finger at County Council, so why does County Council feel obligated to protect him?

Ladies and gentlemen of County Council and Northampton County, our silence will be Mr. Stoffa's escape. While for-whatever-the-reason County Council chooses to remain silent...We The People will not!!!

Mr. Stoffa, at your age we have no desire to see you incarcerated sir, however, you are the one making that bed. The right choice for you at this point in time sir, is to step down, and we can all call it a do less will force our hand.

You know our meaning sir,
and you know our resolve,
only a fool would defy...

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  1. No question Stoffa is wrong. He is not just incompetent but sad.