Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Understand...

O'Hare Looking For Mr. Barron. 
Why we won't let go of Stoff-Gift, all one has to do is review the County Council on-line video of September 2, 2010, where Bernard J. O'Hare III put on a spectacle instructing Council to censure County Controller Stephen Barron, and in the process sought his resignation.

Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare have all mocked the County
The mockery of our political system that took place that evening was truly disgraceful, more-so today! Mr. Barron did misspeak, and for doing so he did apologize. But an apology was not enough! He had to be censured, and Mrs. Thierry (who in our opinion, introduced the resolution on behalf of Mr. Angle and Mr. O'Hare) didn't just call for censuring Mr. Barron - But also for his resignation...Just as O'Hare had suggested.

Angle in Shame
When former Councilwoman Mrs. Ann McHale saw no sufficient evidence to call for Mr. Barron's resignation, she alluded to the fact that Mr. Angle had been censured requesting his resignation for making racial remarks on his radio station (for which he was let go from the radio station), but he refused to resign. Mr. Angle of course, in his usual belligerent manner profaned the Lords name publically. After Mrs. Thierry apologized to Mr. Angle for Mrs. McHale's comments, Council Woman Peg Ferraro stated that Council was the ones owed an apology for the unnecessary profanity, but Mr. Angle said: you ain't gonna-get it!

Why is any of this relevant today?  Fair question - Because what County Executive John Stoffa did in Stoffa-Gift is definitely much more serious than what the Controller did. He LIED to the entire County, to all the taxpayers, to all the veterans of the county, to all the fatherless children and widowed women, and worst yet - to all on County Council at that time. Most specifically to Councilwoman Thierry, who by the way, found enough fault to censure Mr. Barron for misspeaking, but does not see fault in Mr. Stoffa for Lying and misusing tax resources, even in the midst of the Melvin indictment for the very same thing!

We apologize to the following Councilman: Robert Werner, Ken Kraft, and Scott Parsons publically, not for saying what we have, but because we realize that you were not on Council at that time, and perhaps you were not aware of this information. But please watch the video. And then understand that we trust you to do the right thing "always". We don't care if you can't get five votes to censure Mr. Stoffa - that really doesn't matter...we just want to see and hear you represent us by (at the minimum) publically acknowledging that what John Stoffa did is wrong! Please understand that when you remain silent on Stoffa-Gift, it appears to The People that you have no desire to represent and serve us as you promised us you would.

All other members of County Council (with the exception of Lamont McClure who did state publically that what Sotffa did is wrong) who were present during the video, and  who have not voiced their outrage at what the Executive did in Stoffa-Gift...Should be ashamed of themselves. We hope you can see that reality after you watch the video. You wasted over 32 minutes in discussion on censuring Controller Barron publically, and that does not include the time given to the same matter during O'Hares circus act during the courtesy of the floor, but you haven't spent 1 single minute on Stoffa-Gift. Truly shameful!!!

Lastly, as everyone is aware COAF is a bi-partisan organization, and we want everyone to know that this matter is not about right and left (PARTY), but a matter of right and WRONG.

The proud democrats that support COAF (as all Democrats and Republican should be proud of being American) are all ashamed to be called Democrats in light of Stoffa-Gift.

John Stoffa is an embarrassment to his party! What he did in Stoffa-Gift is wrong, and we're saying it because no one else is.


  1. You are right. This is more of the Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare hypoocrisy that has existed for years. Council woman Thiery and all who voted for that censure of Barron should hang their heads in shame. Of course some have been "retired" from governemnt by the people and others will be soon.

    Still on this the COAF is right. Stoffa improperly used tax money to help fund a private lawsuit and even if not illegal it was improper and unethical. It was worse than what Stve Barron did and should be dealt with.

    Why has it not been? Politics, pure and simple.

  2. Barron's action was nothing compared to Stoffa-Gate.
    Regardless of political party,Stoffa should be censured for what he did.
    Unless, of course,you believe that he was conducting himself ethically when he misused taxpayers' money.

  3. I think the Gacedale and Human Services workers and unions need to team up and educate council and public and force the issue with Stoffa.

  4. I see the O'Hater has shut down conmments on his hate blog. Once again he was taking a beating on his propaganda for the Stoffa building. So as usual he claims everyone who disagrees with Stoffa is stupid and doesn't care about veterans, children, disabled and the staff.

    Isn't this the same excurtive and clown blogger that talked abouth Gracedale staff as thugs and goons and was willing to dump the elderly sick onto the street?

    So ask yourselves Human Service employees, do you really think this building had anyhting to so with you or the people you serve? Do you really thihk that B.O'Hare or John Stoffa care one bit aobut you or your clients?

    In a year or two when the cost of the building is too great, which one of you will be the first to step forward to be laied off? Or tell us which services to cut.
    The building is now here to stay, you and the services can be cut. Next time you see O'Hare and Stoffa thank them.

  5. Mayor John Callahan was forcibly thrown out of a wrestling match at Liberty High School. He can't control his emotions and he wants to run the county. Didn't we just get rid of Ron Angle, the crazy uncontrolable clown, and now we get Callahan.

    My God are there any grownups around? How can we elect someone like this?

    1. We're not going to!

      And with your help, and the votes of all ours supporters, Lamont McClure will be the next County Executive.

      VOTE FOR McClure!!!

  6. Flash News! O'Hairy just won a Pulitzer Prize for Ugly. Not his Blog content (which is pretty sick). The prize is for for BEING UGLY.