Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Was The First Time...

...Since COAF has been organized (and that's five years now), that we've ever seen Mayor John Callahan at Gracedale.

We had to wait a little bit for the Mayor to get started on his 5 page prepared announcement because Mr. Callahan didn't want to get started without his family by his side, and that's understandable. His charming wife and kids appeared to be lost, (we're not trying to be mean - but what does that tell you?).

Bernie O'Hare must of been lost too because he arrived late as well.

They Made it
Mayor Callahan finally began his announcement, and at the end of his announcement he acknowledged to all present that he was dragging the announcement hoping his family would have arrived before he was done, and they finally made it just as we were preparing to leave.

We are not in any way attempting to bash the Mayor, we actually think he is a gentleman, however, when it comes to Gracedale COAF will always ask some tough questions - because we will always do what we promised all along to do, PROTECT Gracedale .

On the surface the Mayor said the right thing when he said he's not in favor of outsourcing Gracedale. However, when presented with the opportunity, Jack D'Alessandro asked Mayor Callahan why he did not support the referendum initiative when we were seeking political support, pointing out to Mayor Callahan that Easton's Mayor did, and so did Allentown's Mayor (who's in Lehigh County). Mayor Callahan said: "As the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem it was not particularly my issue at that time."

Well that statement does concern us, because as the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem he is within the boundaries of Northampton County, and he should have taken a position at that time. Lisa Boscola did, Lamont McClure did, Ron Heckman did, Glenn Reibman did, as well as many others. The sale of Gracedale would certainly have impacted the City of Bethlehem, so we have to ask: why didn't he join us - and take a stand on Gracedale then?

It is so important for Mr. Callahan to understand that We The People of Northampton County are not seeking a politician to run the County (we already have one "John Stoffa" that finds it hard to tell the truth), but instead, a human being who care's about other human beings.

Politicians are easily identified because they simply say the right thing at the right time...and the right place - and when times and things change they say the right thing again...somewhere else. 

Yes, we do believe it's okay to change your position on things as time change, we don't however, believe it is ever right to do so when it comes to the well being of our beloved Gracedale.

Please take into account what we are saying Mr. Mayor. Good luck sir, we wish you well.


  1. It's a good thing, however, that he came out in a public announcement expressing support..That's a good thing..The most important thing here is getting a strong council in support of gracedale...Jerry Seyfried, Ron heckman, and Bill Wallace are all strong supporters and they are all running for Council..If they are elected, it doesn't matter what callahan does..They will decide the fate of Gracedale..

  2. Callahan's statement was too slick for me. All the other cadidadtes to date have stated their precise feelings about SAVING GRACEDALE.
    This Callahan man has been MISSING IN ACTION since the Gracedale Effort began.
    Just like his audience -from the photo I've seen-seems to either be late, uninterested,or
    also missing in action.
    I only know what I just read about his lack of support for Gracedale when the support was needed.He obviously did not want to "dirty his hands."
    Unless he comes out publically and passionately for the county support of Gracedale and the elderly,he will never get my vote or voice with all people I know.
    Shame on what his excuse was.How could he not believe as history in the State of PA was being made that he thought that it was not "his particular issue."
    I guess his particular issue doesn't concern or involve the elderly of HIS city.
    Unless I hear and see his support,I could never support such weakness in a slick candidate.
    I hope he can FLEX his strength and honesty a lot more!

  3. You might be right in what you say 9:58, but the chances of him losing are slim. If your main concern is saving gracedale then you need to push for a strong county council who will thwart anyone who comes in with the idea of privatizing gracedale..Focus on that and it won't matter who the executive is..

  4. "Unless he comes out publically and passionately for the county support of Gracedale"

    seems like he kinda did that yesterday

  5. Yes, but he really wasn't passionate. Seemingly he is saying what he needs to say in his attempt to sway Gracedale supporters the same way the stoffa did. If you recall, stoffa went into grecedale telling the employees what they wanted to hear and then what did he do? Try to dump her and her employees. No thanks Callahan.

  6. John Callahan needs a job and that's the only reason he is running for County Executive, otherwise he would bother.

  7. Callahan has already teamed up with bo and that alone should show the type of person he is. He also needs a job and what are the chances that he wins and pulls a Don Cunningham and jumps on a better job in the private sector. College is expensive.

  8. Callahan is a politician. He will say he is willing to keep Gracedale now bc he wants to get elected, and then he will do like Stoffa, what he wants to including selling it

  9. Agree with 9:15. Seems like it will be difficult to beat Callaahn. The way to ensure Gracedales future is with proven Gracedale advocates like Ron and Jerry that have been fighting the sale since day one.

    Especailly now that another County Council is ready to push through another rushed Stoffa decison to commit Human Servies to a million dollars plus a year lease so he can have his name on a building. He admittd this is a legacy for him. That is all the building is, a 45 million dollar unneeded legacy for John Stoffa. How uninformed are the current council members? They even claim to be conservative Republicans, they are no friends of the taxpayers.

    This council has been spoon fed bad information by Stoffa and his gang. They are making one of the biggest mistakes in county history. Just like they almost did with Gracedale. They will end up hurting more than helping county servicies. The fallout from this decisison will have an impact on Gracedale. so it is critical we have good and knowledgable people on county council to protect the facility when the money runs thin.

  10. Didn't he originally sign the referendum petition when we were circulating the petitions? I thought that was his show of support way back when? But I guess that isn't enough for some of you? What do I know? I am just an nurse's aide that empties bed pans. SW2

    1. I guess you were the only one to see him

    2. And who had the petition he signed?

  11. You are full of crap Semaus. We are on to your games. Callahan doesn't give a crap aout Gracedale and signed the pledge for votes. The guy deoesn't even know where SW2 is.

  12. Word on the street is, why did Callahan have a "STATE CONSTIBLE" at his press comference was he scared the residents were going to attack him? What a losser he is.

  13. "Word on the street", is usually mis-leading.