Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joan Orie Melvin Convicted!!!

YES. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin is guilty of 6 out of 7 counts of corruption.

What did she do?

The same thing that John Stoffa did...misuse tax resources.

So why is Stoffa not being prosecuted?

Simple, because he rules over Northampton County!

County Council will not censure him! The media will not report his wrongful acts, so he is safe in Northampton County.

COAF's opinion is that every corrupt politician in the - the nation, who wants to avoid prosecution should move to Northampton county.

In our opinion, this is the County in Pennsylvania were political corruption is  accepted and not prosecuted.

SHAMEFUL!!! Political con artist like Stoffa can move here and do as they will...there are no consequences.

County Executive John Stoffa today received a reward for his corruption - his desired Human Services building, and they will surely put his name on it to further reward  him for his lawlessness. So does he care that we're saying this about him? NO!!! Absolutely not...because he believes he has  gotten away with his lawlessness.

YES...he thinks he has. 

Is the current council at fault?
John Cusick
Peg Ferraro
Tom Dietrick
Ken Kraft
Bruce Gilbert
Scott Parson
Barbara Theirry
Robert Werner

Yes, in our opinion they are all responsible for John Stoffas  actions because they have failed to speak up against his questionable acts of public mistrust. And yes, they know about it because it was presented to them by the County Controller Stephen Barron. No...we do not place Lamont McClure in the list because he did state publically that what Stoffa did was wrong.

Some Council members believe (at least five of them) that because they may not be sitting in their chairs in 2014 (because We The People will be firing them at the polls) that it's not their problem to deal with. Well, they better pray hard they're right. We The people believe that they can still be held accountable for not protecting the trust of the people.

Justice Joan Orie Melvin thought she was safe too, and so did her sister, and so did her sister who sits in jail now for at least 30 months.

They were wrong!

See Jail term - Joan Orie Melvin 

John...You're a public elected official, and you sir are not above the law!

Step down or you will soon discover that.


  1. You really don't know how to let something go. I believe it is called "mental illness". Maybe you will be a patron of the brand new John Stoffa Building

    1. look at what Orie did and compare it with what stoffa did

      hwtas the difference?

  2. Again, you have friends on Council now who will continue to protect Gracedale..It's crazy to attack your friends because they don't share your zeal for going after Stoffa..The 5 votes aren't there and they aren't going to address this unless the district attorney says it's criminal. He hasnt. If you believe the evidence is there, he is the one you need to approach...If he agrees, Council would then be forced to act or at least discuss it..On another note, this Human Service building will not affect Gracedale's bottom line because your friends on council will not let that happen..Don't alienate them by attacking them for something they can't do . Stoffa is an elected official..If there was criminal wrongdoing, the District Attorney should intervene..If he doesn't, then Council would be wasting their time and spinning their wheels needlessly going after him..You guys ( and girls) have done an awesome job protecting Gracedale..You helped elect folks who will protect Gracedale and its residents and employees..Thank God. You'll continue to do that hopefully..You are a counterbalance to that hate monger Ohare..Thank God! But you should stop slamming friends of gracedale on Council for not doing something that is not doable or productive for them..

    1. a few questions, if someone went into a bank and stole any amount of money would they be prosecuted if caught?

      If someone stole money from your bank account n u found out who it was would u prosecute? or would u accept excuses as a defense from the culprit? n if u turn to the policing agency for results would u accept that they didn't see it as a big deal? would u call them ur friends?

      I don't c this post as an attack on anyone, I see it as holding politicians accountable for not doing the whats right. that's just my opinion

  3. John Stoffa is a criminal and must be prosecuted, NOW

  4. It is sad that once again Stoffa and gang has pitted one group of emplyees against another. During the Gracedale debate he pitted private employees against public employees. During his fight for his legacy building, he pitted Gracedale employees against other union employees. The guy is evil.

    Just remeber folks that Stoffa will be gone and so will some of these council people next year. The new folks will face budgets with les money for all of human services but they will always get an ever increasig bill from the developer, so what do they do? How and why do you expect them to protect you from the actions of Stoffa that you supported. It doesn't work that way. You wanted this so now you will have to live with the comsequences. The taxpayers should not have to suffer for you and Stoffa's demands.

    I hope when you all come in screaming for them to raise taxes, you also ask John Stoffa why he let the Wolf and Bechtel building rot for seven years and ignored your needs for seven years only to have you get laid off due to lack of funds.

    Unfortnately some employees have the attention span of a child.

  5. He used Bernie Ohairy to sell his garbage..Tried to make Council feel that if they didnt support the stupid building that kids, veterans , and the mentally challenged like that pond scum Ohare, would be hurt..Even Baran had to defend himself because of bernie's pathetic rantings about how veterans were being hurt if their wasn't a new building..He then attacked the SEIU union people all day today...even though they supported the project because the Wolf building was in shambles due to Stoffa's poor stewardship...He also attacked Werner because Werner asked some pertinent questions..And wisely voted no....OHARE talked today also about not wanting to get in a foxhole with the union folks..probably cause the coward would get buried there..Stoffa got his building..And he's cut services so badly to do it that no one is getting served anymore...

  6. bo would not get on the elevator in the courthouse with two members of the COAF, he saw who was on it and turned around and left. What was he scared of? They would of let the coward on with them. But he ran.

  7. The Hairy One is a coward. And he picks his nose.

  8. Ohairy usse his blog to be Stoffa's attack dog. He's a pathetic joke...He's used his blog to attack everyone who opposed the Human Services building.. And then he went on to make spacious arguments about how those who opposed the building must hate veterans, and abused kids..The man is seriously mentally deficient...Maybe since the new building is closer to nazareth, he can get his psych meds there..