Friday, February 8, 2013

Truth Be Told!!!

It is important that the County taxpayers know the truth, so please select the link and go 3:30 into the video to hear the truth for your selves.

Link: The Truth Exposed

The nonsensical ignoramus has his way of misinforming the people of the county, but here, on this blog we share the truth.

He commented on his blog:
"Yesterday was a bad one for the Fake Rev. He was all gussied up bc he was supposed to do a taping on Business Matters about immigration. Jesus must have told Tony Iannelli to invite Martinez. But Tony
listens to Satan, too, and Satan told him to invite Ron Angle.

What Bernie doesn't know is that I was asked by Alison Meyers of Business Matters if I would come on the show to discuss immigration. I told her that I did not feel comfortable doing the show because I could make a case for both sides, meaning that I had mixed emotions about the topic, she checked with her producer Michelle Young, and got back to me, indicating that it would be okay as long as I brought the same passion I brought during my previous appearances. I laughed and suggested to Alison that if she wanted that passion she would have to invite Ron Angle too. But no, I did not know that she in fact took me up on my suggestion. I call Alison on Tuesday to advise her that I had two important meetings to attend, and the show being taped at three presented a conflict for me. I left her a message apologizing, explaining that the meetings were too important. Yes, the Council meeting was one of them. 

He goes on to say:
"Angle found out that Martinez was going to be a guest that morning, but still agreed to do the show bc he had given his word and is a man of his word. Martinez refused to come on with Angle there, showing what his word means."

In my opinion, Ron Angle was actually happy that I didn't come on the show with him, because I had a hat that he was going to have to eat publically. And regarding his word...we all know who Angle is, and we all know his word isn't worth a red cent. That's why he was fired from his councilman job...and I was happy to help fire him.

"After missing an opportunity to pontificate on TV, he spiraled out of control at a County Council with a message of hatred. Yes, Peg should have shut him down, but I think she made the right call in letting him go on because he destroyed himself, showing the world just how vindictive and petty he is. He did not help McClure that night."

Now, anyone who watched the video link above knows the truth, I never spiraled out of anything. This is O'Hare spiraling and slanting the truth to continue his web of deception, as he always does. I stood up once again humbly, but proudly, and yes firmly defending Gracedale and the taxpayer who matter most.

And the only thing I destroyed was Stoffa's attempt to deceive us again with his bogus gift memo. He pretends in his demented and delusional mind that County Council sided with Stoffa...I don't know if that was their intent, but I can tell you this for sure - if you watched the video you heard me ask council not to accept the bogus gift. And we know today that by an 8-0 vote council did not accept the bogus gift. You be the judge about who's side they were on.

I, nor COAF have ever done anything to be ashamed of. All we have ever done is stand up and be counted. And if standing up for the truth is wrong, then we don't want to be right!



  1. What was the other important meeting? And being a representative of Christ, you should have a similar stance on Immigration. I wonder what your stance is?

    1. Quite honestly,the other important meeting is none of your business. And yes I am a servant of Christ. The fact that you are persecuting me because of my faith in Christ demonstrates that I am fulfilling my obligations to Him. And as for my stance on immigration, identify yourself, we can discuss it over a cup of coffee.


  2. Rev., anon 5:05 is one of Stoffa's flunkies or a Callahan gang memeber. They are going to work with O'Hare to discredit you. People know the truth. All the O'Hare and Stoffa lies cannot change the truth.

    Whatever this county council does or does not do, a new day is coming in which all governental people will be held accountable. Good peop[le wil be in office. No blog will protect lies and incomptence. Stay strong. The people who know the good you have done are equaled only by the number of people who know the lies and evil perpetuated by Stoffa, O'Hare and their croonies.

  3. Agree with above. At least you are not afraid of discussion. O'Hare is once again censoring comments. He is using his old excuse of stopping Trissa. However, he has prevented comments that question him, Callahan or Stoffa. O'Hare is a confirmed coward who enjoys harrassing women. He also hates when people contradict him with the truth.

    Hang in there folks. You are honest and he is a lying coward. His censoring only dispalys his fear of the truth.

  4. Mario,

    Dont feel bad.....I think O'Hare is snapping, or rupturing an anneurism or something today. He is on his blog calling me a criminal thug, arrested for breaking and entering, guilty of disorderly persons for rolling on the street in a catfight, lying on court documents, to insane to have a gun, mentally ill, threatening to drag Kelly Gross to the river and drown her. (SHe's way to BIG) He is just on a huge lying spree.

    1. Cop never launched an investigation re : breaking/entering because when he heard my side of the story, he realized it was complete BS. After my neighbor died, his girlfriend let me in to photograph the basement pipes that we share in our attached house. There were 3 witnesses.

    2. Catfight rolling on the ground: the other woman was charged and plead no contest to 1 count of simple assault. She paid off part of a $3,000 restitution order before she left the state for good and never returned. I was never charged. I was attacked outside my house. All the other things he wrote about were lies ...outright lies. My court documents are the truth.

    We know this is O'Hare's fabulous specialty . He invents scenarios that only exist in his mind. Its his perverted need to command obedience from people. When he gets cornered on his lies and games, he acts out like the like the rabid animal he is. A sick twisted two-headed venomous rabid snake who must be stopped.

    He will be stopped Mario. He WILL be stopped. ....soon.

    Stay safe.

  5. At least you are honest Mario. O'Hare is blocking any comments that question the words of Stoffa or Callahan.

  6. Word on the street is, Hou many comments did O harie post on his blog? He likes to answer himself. First Class Coward.

  7. Can tell you for a fact he has censored numerous facyual comments aobut Stoffa anbd Callahan and even Reibman. He will only allow the comments that attack Reibman and praise Callahan. How many years have we seen this game played by BO.

  8. trish is a first class hottee,

  9. View the video of the Council Meeting,and then read BO's description of the same episodes involving the Rev.
    See and hear the truth for yourself.
    I am surely glad that I did it. I now know that BO's spin, when it comes to Stoffa's misuse of taxpayers' money,is off the wall.Spinnnnnning.