Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stoffa Hole's In The Walls???

...The workers from Northampton County CPS this evening clearly made the case that  County Executive John Stoffa is irresponsible and has failed Northampton County over the last seven years - miserably.

The information provided  was outrageous, and the comments illustrate what we have been saying all along...Stoffa is the worst County Executive to ever serve (or not) the County of Northampton.

And then, if they couldn't make our point any better, the CPS employee says she doesn't know how to get to the Wolf building...why did Stoffa hire such an employee? In today's world we have GPS, doesn't she know that?

More to come on this...stay tuned.


  1. These employees were suckered by this coroupt administration. Marcus and the Division heads have been working to spread fear in the minds of impressionable employees. They don't realize that in a year or two when Stoffa is gone and the county either pays for the new building or lays-off employees, she may be gone.

    I think it is sad the way Stoffa once again had his henchman O'Hare use our beloved veterans, babies and the mentally ill to get his buiding. Absolutely shameful. It means that they will see diminsihed services in return for a building they rarely use.

    Now wait until the bills come due. Stoffa will be at home with his six figure multiple pensions and the employees will be left holding the unemployment slips.

  2. O'Hare has done one of his funniest and most bizzare posts praising Stoffa and his multi-million dollar unneeded monument to himself. Now you really need to be uinvolved in the coming elections.

    Not only is Human Serviesd in general in danger of losing money but even Gracedale could feel the bite of this uneeded expenditure.

  3. Bernie Ohairy and his hate blog a sick joke. I wouldn't put much credence in any of his posts..he is such a low life . I think he was dropped on this head by his mother at a young age and the delusions never stop..The good thing here is that it doesn't matter what was done with this building, Gracedale has enough friends on Council to prevent any damage being done. After this year's elections, you'll have many more. I disagree wih the earlier writer who says it'll impact Gracedale..Well, the next council, which I'm sure you'll help elect, will never let that happen.

  4. The person smeared on this blog is my Uncle and frankly when I was sent a link to this site in my heart I know it was wrong to look at such rubbish. If you take the time to talk with Bernie it might change your tune. Maybe not about his politics or social views but your opinion of him as a human being. So next time your at a council meeting, debate or other function where you might cross paths try starting some small talk and come to the realization that this person you deride constantly is a human being with some very good qualities. How many of the people on this blog have actually had a conversation with Mr. O'hare?

    Connor O'hare

    1. You must be the only one that likes him

    2. Connor tell bo to get his taillight fixed.

  5. Word on the street is, bernie has done everything he could to try and run us down and has failed. He tried with Gracedale, with the help of county money and stoffas help and failed. His dad caled him BERNIE THE TIRD, WHY? WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY . HE DOES NOT SCARE US. EVERY THING HE BACKED HE LOST. He has been after the COAF FOR 5 YEARS HAVE WE BACKED DOWN NO. Mc CLORE FOR COUNTY EX. BY BY bernie.

  6. my assessment of O'Hare goes like this:

    Originally, I took pity on what I thought was a lost soul with no friends and no family who was in desperate need of attention and companionship.

    Not long after that, though, I started to learn the disturbing and ugly truth about Mr. O'Hare. I found him to be classless, rude, ignorant of everyone and everything around him, desperate to be self aggrandizing and over-important. He clearly had the signs and symptoms of a socio-path, not knowing right from wrong, and also derived a sick pleasure in hurting others for sport.

    His attiitude about himself was so grandiose, that I began to distance myself quietly. He realized this and became more enraged, more intense, and more starving for attention. He would call my house for hours at a time, even though I failed to answer the phone. He acted like a child taking a tantrum when I called Larry Otter for advice on a West Easton Matter.

    Finally, the true sociopath reared his ugly head on the evening of 8/26/2011, when I finally had to put an end to him for good. The beautiful truth came out, and I never regret , even for 1 minute, having turned my back on this ignoramous in a most public way.

    He is by far, the most sickening serpent in the land, and one who must be stopped. Please show your support by joining me in court on 2/26/13. It will be in Judge Smiths court, starting at 9:30am.

  7. Aon 6:56 you are another idiot thta doesn't understand money. You either have it or you don't. The next executive and council will inherit the bill for this overpriced building. How are they goping to protect Gracedale and the other human services, if there isn't enough money? The developer will always have to be paid first. Then there will be maintenence(which Stoffa never did) and the taxes that the county has to pay and all other work on the building that the county is resposible for. After all of that, what is left goes to personnel and services. Should the new county council just print money? Or will they have to pass on a huge tax increae to the taxpayers, they will not do that. So check out your senority and you will know how secure your job is in the future. And thank John stoffa while you are at it.

  8. Hey, Connor,
    I have news for you.
    You either do not know your uncle as well as you should,or you are not for real.
    What he has said and printed about families,individuals, and even photos of innocent children makes a normal person want to vomit.
    Your uncle should be doing some apologizing for all the evil and rubbish he has brought to others.
    Connor, do the research starting with your own family.
    Uncle Bernie is capable of doing much good for all.Tell him to get started.
    He should be proud to have a nephew like you.

  9. Since Bernie deleted this on his hate blog...
    1) Please watch the council meeting again from January 24, 2013 and listen to what Neil Brown had to say.

    2) Please educate us on how Stoffa failed to maintain and fix all these issues that affect the Wolf building employees and consumers for past 7 years.

    3) Listen to council when they say, "we are backed into a corner" because that is exactly what Stoffa has done as being a slum lord for past 7 years.

    4) Tell us where all the rent from the Human Services Programs have went for the past 7 years? Hint... General fund to help pay for Swaption.

    5) Investigate the fact that Stoffa and Marcus in their tenure has cut more programs in Human Sevices in Northampton County history.

    6) So you are responding to comments at 2:30 am?? I would tell you that you are writing anonymous on your blog to start up stuff. If you are not, prove it! Show the IP records.

    7) Jim Gregory has told you several times he would debate you anywhere or anytime. That serves as the invitation.

    8) Please reveal your source as you say that Union people have talked to you. The only people that talk to you are Stoffa and Marcus as they pull your strings as the Puppet Masters. You write what they want you too.

    9) Please refrain from lude public bathroom hijinx in the new building.

    Jack Burton