Friday, January 21, 2011

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  1. It is a shame that the people who were elected to serve the people of NORCO cannot find a civilized way to work at a plan which MIGHT just work for both sides.
    With all the name calling and untruths coming every few seconds, a way to resolve the problem would be for members of each group and/or interested taxpayers to either try to work out a compomise with a time limit OR place the issue on the ballot for all to learn about and VOTE.
    This seems easy to me and less costly.
    But I do remember the former Council President sayin in early August,"We shall sell Gracedale tonight if we have to stay here until 2 in the morning."
    Well, Take a look, it is now late January and the battle goes on.
    Why not make it an intelligent issue for all to resolve peacefully instead of all the babish behavior??

  2. iF PEOPLE WANT THE TRUTH CONTACT THIS SITE, WE HAVE THE TRUE NUMBERS, and info. Election comminsion meeting Tue. 3:30 Third floor training room open to the public. See for your self.

  3. Mr. Donald Dal Maso would please contact this site we would like to sit down and talk to you. thank you, a gracedale goon.

  4. I have not yet taken a stand on the Gracedale issue. However, I hope that this issue reaches the ballot in order for a spirtited debate to take place.In this way, the TRUTH has to emerge.
    I am also concerned about the name,"Gracedale Goonies."
    I read on another blog the reason for the name-calling. I also agree that the audience at such meetings should not shout out;however, I have also heard and seen the past president of Council go crazy. Another politician informed me that Mr. A also used the name of the Lord in vain in front of the entire Council and audience.
    I have never read anything more about Mr. A's ravings nor the swearing.
    Therefore, if one feels compelled to place the blame and condone his brutal behavior, then I must truly ask the question, Who is/are the real Goons?

  5. Why was the Question of whether the "County Controller Position shoud be made a Full Time possition put on the Referendum for the Citizens to decide?" Was it because of the cost involved and the effect it would have on the yearly budget? I don't understand why it is that was important enough issue for the Ballot and yet The County Nursing home isn't. Was the cost of the salary for that full time position listed on the Referedum??? I don't recall the yearly salary being on the referendum....only the question itself and the voters decided the fate of that position and yet the Poweres that be at the County don't feel the Voters should have a say in Gracedale?? Sure doesn't make sense to me at all.