Friday, January 14, 2011

We Are Over The Hill ;-)

Having 18,340 submitted names at the voter registration office, and requiring 19,600, COAF turned in today an additional 3,182 for a total of 21,522. Rejoice People...we did it. No matter what they say or do to take us under...we did it.

Yes we are over the desired number, however, we MUST continue to collect signatures through Tuesday, January 18th. The more we collect, the more significant it is. Please NorCo, keep going to the end. Sunday, we will have a collection drive at Gracedale from 12:30p until 3:30p with a notary or two at no cost to you.

In the mean time --- Can you guess what Bernie O'Hare, who claims to believe in democracy, was doing when Rev. Mario Martinez entered the voter registration office today? Picking his nose? Scratching his butt? No, he was sifting through our submitted petitions and was shocked to see our spokesperson only come in with more for him, or whomever to sift through.

We don't get it so can someone please explain it to us, if you believe in democracy, why would you be looking to contest this referendum question? That's like Angle saying during the last CC meeting that he believes in giving all The People, all the time they want at the podium, but yet, he has never afforded COAF that opportunity.

With the BIPARTISAN-5 that will changed.

It’s ironic though, just weeks ago BO actually posted on our blog that Ron was untouchable, but it seems today that every time BO turns around Ron has been touched. First the detention center, then the will, then the appeal, then the this. Yes People it is true, Ron is getting use to losing...and here comes May.

Angle has all the angles covered, and today his angle was "guest columnist" for the Express wee, and what did he say...absolutely nothing that we haven't already heard over and over again. "Only I can do the job, nobody can do it better, I want my job back, you guys play dirtier that I do "...whaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaa  momieee - What a tough cry baby. Give it a rest already.

You have to wonder how much did he pay for that job, and who wrote the article for him, BO? We all know that Ron writes as bad as he speaks, and if you read his Ferraro remark, you know it's pretty bad. If he keeps going the way he's going, he will run out of money before COAF goes away. Oh no! Did no one tell him that THE PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

Rejoice * PEOPLE - We did it * Rejoice
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  1. Mr. Angle should be censured for what he called Mrs. Ferraro.If the Council doesn't do something ,being spear-headed by The Rev. Mr. Dowd, civility has really broken down with our local government.
    He should now be stopped for running his mouth with no filter just because his buddy calls him a bulldog.
    Looks like there has just appeared a small group who made a stand against him and will take him down.
    Imagine him trying to make an attempt to change his vote to match the wishes of the Coalition just to to be vindictive. Where was he 3 months ago??
    And BO, he is no longer intimidating anyone. All of a sudden, he is seeing his glory days with his favorite Bulldog disappearing.
    BO really has an angry dog.
    Democracy must be tough when it really begins to work.We have heard Angle talk about his patriotism,but we have not seen him practicing it.

  2. Bernie is still crying on his latest post.
    He still doesn't get it.
    He actually talks like a lawyer.I get it;he doesn't.
    If he were a lawyer, he should be listening to what our NORCO voters are saying via the petitions instead of tearing down the registered voters who have spoken.
    He is as mean to the voters as Ron is.
    They better soon learn that wanting to do verbal and character harm to the voters they serve is no longer going to be tolerated.

    down the registered voters who have spoken.

  3. I think Bernie and Ronald might become enemies over the success of the petition drive. Bernie taunted and encouraged and goaded the people responding to him on his blog. This actually had the reverse effect he desired. In my case it challenged me to work harder. Even as I write Berno is over there typing away telling everyone the signatures are not valid for this reason or that. He insists 2 million of the signatures come from New Jersey. He says that there are ll written with the same handwriting. He says that for some reason someone turned a petition and he figured it was signed at the rate of 83 per hour, impossible!!! he retorted. I question that comment as we weren't required to put time stamps on the signatures. He also is now speaking legaleze as it relates to the HRC and the petition in an effort to dismiss it outright. (Maybe he consulted a lawyer in good standing for that advice.) Grasping at straws and soon to be outside looking in Ronald and Berno. You will not survive the next election, but please keep talking Ronald your words are a free campaign commercial for any potential opponents. Never stop talking the people need to hear from you weekly to keep the fact fresh you are an embarrassment for the county. I think Ronald and Ole Berno will be at each others throats.
    And let Ronald write his own copy next time Berno, one puntuated with the colorful metaphors and discriptive adjectives that only "folksie" Ronald MacDonald can come up with. It is a fitting end that could not happen to two more deserving individuals.